Salt-N-Pepa Draw In 15,000

August 17, 2012 Updated Aug 17, 2012 at 9:50 PM EDT

By WKBW News

August 17, 2012 Updated Aug 17, 2012 at 9:50 PM EDT

BUFFALO, NY (WKBW) - Thursday night, thousands of people crammed into Canalside for a concert, causing some major issues in and around downtown Buffalo.

Officials estimate more than 15-thousand people showed up Thursday night. There were so many people, security guards had to turn people away. Michael Schmand, the Executive Director of Buffalo Place, explains "you know you get to a certain point and you just have to say let's hold it right there, so we stopped people from coming in."

As Thursdays at the Harbor, get ready to come to a close for the 2012 season, Buffalo Place is already looking at how to make it better in 2013. Getting space for more people could be on aspect it looks it.

It may be hard to beat Thursday's Salt-n-Pepa concert. Schmand says "if you take a look around, there is area to expand down here. Every year we go over what we do, how we do it."

With so many people and a delayed concert -- Salt-n-Pepa didn't take the stage until about 8:30 pm, there were still no reports of any fights or major incidents.

In order to keep everything under control, Buffalo Place had 60 security personnel on hand, monitoring people coming into the canalside and once they came in.

Buffalo Police were on hand too. Commissioner Daniel Derenda says they were prepared because "it was no different from the size of the crowd that attends a Sabres game at the HSBC arena."

He adds "we have our traffic division out to monitor traffic and make it flow in a safe, efficient manner, so there were no issues" to help deal with crowds.

Event organizers stressed the thousands there didn't focus on the crowd -- but embracing a Buffalo summer tradition.

Even Mayor Byron Brown joined in for some fun, dancing with the duo on stage.

Brown, who met Salt-n-Pepa, said "they really seemed in a very short time fall in love with Buffalo and the response they got from Buffalo and Western New York."

Brown says every time so many people come to the city, it brings more attention to the Waterfront and the heart of the city. He adds "people actually go and patronize some of those restaurants. Overtime it will be a tremendous economic boost to the waterfront in downtown Buffalo."

Next week is the last Thursday at the Harbor for 2012. Matt Nathanson with Lights is on the schedule.