Russians Shuffle Out Of Buffalo

January 7, 2011 Updated Jan 7, 2011 at 5:57 PM EDT

By WKBW News


Russians Shuffle Out Of Buffalo

January 7, 2011 Updated Jan 7, 2011 at 5:57 PM EDT

CHEEKTOWAGA, NY ( WKBW ) As of Friday morning, members of the Russian Hockey team made their way through security and were on their journey home.

However, that journey was delayed by one full day after the team was turned away at the gate Thursday for allegedly being too drunk to fly. About a half dozen NFTA Police officers escorted the entire team off to the baggage claim area and out of the airport.

Delta Airlines did issue a statement about the incident, "to ensure the safe operation of the flight crew of Flight 1266 ( BUF to ATL ) denied boarding to 30 passengers who were traveling together and displaying unruly behavior, the passengers are being re booked on a future flight."

The alleged drinking began Wednesday night as the team celebrated their upset victory over Team Canada in the World Junior Hockey Championship game Wednesday night at HSBC Arena. A celebration that allegedly included alcohol.

The Canadian Press secured video of the team allegedly drinking and partying at what appears to be the Adam's Mark Hotel, after their upset victory Wednesday night. ( WKBW can only show you that video on television ). Witnesses say they were at the bar until three in the morning before looking to catch their flight just hours later.

The legal drinking age in Russia is 18, so many members of the team who are that age or older may be accustomed to drinking. However the drinking age in WNY is 21.

The Adam's Mark issued statement Friday that read in part, "The Adam's Mark does not permit the service of alcohol by hotel staff to underage individuals, and does not condone the consumption of alcohol by underage persons in its facilities."

Officials there did not comment on whether they watched the video, or whether the hotel was investigating the matter.