Record Rain Slows Down Schools and Businesses

May 18, 2011 Updated May 18, 2011 at 7:33 PM EDT

By Jennifer Stanonis

May 18, 2011 Updated May 18, 2011 at 7:33 PM EDT

CLARENCE, NY (WKBW) -- This spring so far has been among the top three wettest springs on record with more than 14 inches of rain since March in Buffalo. "This is my 22nd year as an athletic director, has been the most difficult season," Greg Kaszubski, Athletic Director for the Clarence School District, said.

School districts such as Clarence Central have had to reschedule many sporting events because of the wet weather. "We've canceled over 100 games at this point and rescheduled several times a single game," Kaszubski said. "Baseball and softball were the predominant ones and for the first time in a long time we cancelled several lacrosse games this year because the fields were just too wet."

All the rescheduling has led to the extension of some of the sporting season so teams can finish up. "Our league decided at our May meeting that we were going to extend the season to the first or second week of June for the JV and modified level," Kaszubski said. "Softball's last day to play games was Friday and they've rescheduled."

Many businesses reliant on decent weather are also seeing delays from the consistent rainfall. "That has put back a lot of the installations right now because with the ground being so wet and so much rain, it's set us back about a month," Tim Bunch, the manager at Majestic Pools and Spas in Depew, said. "Business surprisingly right now with the weather is much better than last year. We're seeing an increase in sales, the only problem we have right now is getting them installed. Usually we're doing installs second week of April and we just really started installing pools a week and a half ago."

For building projects like the $12 million facility in Falconer, New York, parts of the construction process were delayed. "Our roof took longer to be put on, construction started in late March and was suppose to be done by the middle of April and didn't finish until the end of April," Jeffrey Lehrbach, the Vice President of McGuire Development, said.

With plenty of extra work and planning ahead Lehrbach says the overall finish date is still on schedule for August. "We put additional costs in our budget up front and coordinated our trades so if certain areas couldn't be built because of extensive water on the site or snow on the roof, than other trades could continue with their work," Lehrbach said.