Protesters Send Anti-Gay Message At Local Fallen Soldier's Funeral

April 14, 2011 Updated Apr 14, 2011 at 7:50 AM EDT

By Jaclyn Asztalos

April 14, 2011 Updated Apr 14, 2011 at 7:50 AM EDT

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church are know for sparking outrage, protesting at funerals and other events spreading their Anit-Gay message. Now, they have some restrictions in Wyoming County.

Last night, County lawmakers passed an ordinance regarding these protesters. They must stand 1,000 feet away from funerals.

This proposed law stems from an incident with the church. Again, Westboro Baptist Church members are known to protest at military funerals, "celebrating" the deaths of military personnel. They claim that it is God's retribution for America's tolerance of homosexuality.

There are groups out there, including the Patriot Guard Riders, who try to shield the families of fallen soldiers from the protesters.

"There is a group out there that likes to protest and get their name out at funerals. They do show up at funerals make a ruckus and get their message out," Patriot Guard Rider Bill Brainard said.

Members of the church released a statement saying that they will protest at the funeral of Sergeant Michael Lammerts who died two weeks ago while fighting overseas. Lammert's funeral is Friday.

"The message will be preached in a respectful, lawful proximity of the memorial," said a press release from the church.

The group also claimed they would protest at another military funeral in Jamestown but they never showed up.

While local leaders are working to place tight restrictions on these protesters, the U.S. Supreme court recently ruled that this group is within their legal limits to protest military funerals. They said it's all part of the right to Freedom of Speech.