Prom Safety Leads to Prom Fun

May 22, 2013 Updated May 22, 2013 at 12:47 PM EDT

By Jaclyn Asztalos

May 22, 2013 Updated May 22, 2013 at 12:47 PM EDT

"This is our Alchoblow wand we use for all of our dances. For all of our students, we wave this in front of them they just breath normally, then we pull them aside if we think they are under the influence," Iroquois High School Principal Dennis Kenney said.

Iroquois High school Principal Dennis Kenney says they are taking a proactive approach to prevent any prom tragedy especially involving drugs and alcohol.

"The kids know ahead of time and it helps everyone keep safe," Kenney said.

The teens we talked to say they agree with this preventive measure. They said there are pressures of every kind.

"When you go to parties there is pressure to drink and do drugs. Not all parties but most and you don't want to let down your friends," Student Shannon Murray said.

That's why Shannon Murray said get out of the situation immediately. Teacher Julie Muskopf said use any excuse to stay safe.

"Tell them you have a stomach ache, tell them you don't feel well, and tell them you have a migraine. Anything to get out of the situation," Muskopf said.

Some students say some prom-goers get hotel rooms after the dance or go camping. They said parents are even making the overnight arrangements. Parent Debbie Metz said absolutely not.

"It's scary to me that parents don't think things through and just assume their kid is doing the right thing," Metz said.

She said parents have to keep an open line of communication with their teen, their child's friends and the other parents.

"For the parents who don't keep the lines of communication open and don't talk to other parents. I think their setting themselves up for what can be a very harmful and scary situation," Metz said.

Nate Wilkinson is a football player at Iroquois. He said students should support one another, especially those students who won't stand up for themselves for fear of rejection.

"Anyone who is confident to say "no" and be the bigger person. You have to help out those other people and say hey don't make that decision," Wilkinson said.

These students, parents, and teachers agree staying safe leads to a good time at prom and bright future. They said one bad choice could change your fairytale into a nightmare.