Police Shut Down Girl Fights in Local Nightclub

December 16, 2012 Updated Dec 16, 2012 at 5:42 PM EDT

By Kendra Eaglin

December 16, 2012 Updated Dec 16, 2012 at 5:42 PM EDT

Niagara Falls, NY
Girl fights. They are the new trend in clubs in big cities like Miami. But when club owner Pharaoh Paige brought the attraction to Niagara Falls things spiraled out of control.

It all goes down inside the ring with a crowd watching at Club Amnesia on Main Street in Niagara Falls.

"Majority of the fighters know each other after they finish we party after the actual event is done," said Paige.

"I knew who I was going to be fighting before and if I was afraid for my life or well being I would not have gotten into the ring," said Bentlee Gavin Wright, who participated in the girl fights at Club Amnesia.

All the fighters sign a waiver before entering the ring.

"We had safety gear and we had someone to break us up if it ever got too serious," said Wright.

Nonetheless, things quickly got out of control at a fight last Monday night.

A brawl erupted including members of the crowd and Niagara Falls Police quickly got involved after receiving a report that a woman had been injured.

Police say the Monday night girl fights were in violation of city ordinances and the state boxing commission and shut down the Monday night event.

What was even more concerning to authorities is that medical staff were not on-hand at any of the matches.

"What if one of those boxers got hurt? What is the medical preparation taken before hand to address that situation that wasn't done in this case," explained Superintendent John Chella, Niagara Falls Police Department.

Paige says it's harmless entertainment and the girl fights are popular in other big cities.

"People like the atmosphere of being entertained by women in a ring pretty much, we don't allow guys to fight and it's not a serious thing it's a fun thing."

Police say if Paige obtains the correct licenses and associated staff for the attraction at the venue the girl fights can continue.