Police Search for Bank Robbery Suspects

August 25, 2010 Updated Aug 25, 2010 at 6:04 PM EDT

By WKBW Programming

August 25, 2010 Updated Aug 25, 2010 at 6:04 PM EDT

CHEEKTOWAGA, NY (WKBW) - Police are continuing to find evidence left by the robbers after the four suspects stole money from a bank Wednesday morning and fled the scene. Police have arrested one suspect but continue to search for three others. "They did get away with money, there was also some money recovered at the scene of the bank in the parking lot," Cheektowaga Police Captain Jim Speyer said. "Descriptions of the suspects, four black males, armed with handguns."

It started at the branch of the M&T Bank in the Airport Plaza in Cheektowaga, when four men armed and wearing masks robbed the bank. "Obviously the bank employees are very shaken up," Capt. Speyer said. "Ordered the victims to hand over the money...it was a very trying time for them."

The suspects fled the scene in a U-Haul van, leaving evidence behind possibly a hat and gloves as they got onto the Kensington Expressway at Union Road. Police spotted the van on that highway and followed it to the Kenfield Homes area in Buffalo where the suspects then fled on foot, leaving behind a hand gun and dropping one of the bags of money near the vehicle. Witnesses say that's when some of the onlookers started grabbing the money. At least one person was arrested for that, unrelated to the bank robbery. "A black bag full of money, so whoever was in that van must have thrown that bag down, so everybody out there was grabbing money out of the bag," one witness said.

As for the four suspects in the robbery, the Erie County Sheriff's helicopter assisted in the search for them. One suspect was caught but three others were still being looked for. "Apparently they split up... 2 went north, 2 went south," Capt. Speyer said.

A second bag, full of money, a change of clothes and a weapon, was found not far from the van by a fence in the bushes.

Officers say if you have any information on this robbery please call Cheektowaga Police at 716-686-3500 immediately.