Opening Statements, Testimony in Hassan Case

January 19, 2011 Updated Jan 19, 2011 at 8:01 AM EDT

January 19, 2011 Updated Jan 19, 2011 at 8:01 AM EDT

Buffalo, NY (WKBW) -- Tuesday was the first day of arguments in front of a jury, and there was a lot of ground covered. Today the jury heard testimony from four people, and the prosecutors and defense attorneys presented their opening statements. The jury viewed autopsy photos and some dark surveillance video from Bridges TV the night of the murder. The medical examiner testified that Mrs. Hassan may have been conscious when she was beheaded. He also described wounds on her hands as defense wounds.

The jury also saw the alleged murder weapons. Two knives were found in the sink at Bridges TV the night of the murder. Also, a police Lt.from Orchard Park described Mo Hassan's calm demeanor when he came to the police station to tell them his wife was dead.

The day started with opening statements. Prosecutors say Aasiya was lured to the tv station the day of the murder to bring her husband clean clothes. She didn't expect him to be there. She had filed for divorce six days earlier and had a restraining order.

They claim he waited for her in the dark and stabbed her 40 times when she entered the building. She was decapitated. The entire attack took 47 seconds. Three of her four children were in the parking lot, and Mr. Hassan handed cash to the oldest after he left the building.
The defense says Mr. Hassan was terrified of his wife. They say she was jealous of his friendship with another woman, and pulled a knife on him. So later that day when she reached into her pocket, he was scared and stabbed her. He didn't flee, they pointed out, and went to police instead.

There are 12 jurors and one alternate juror. Three were excused over the weekend. If the jury pool dips below 12, it will be declared a mistrial.