Notes from 2011 Bills Camp

August 7, 2011 Updated Aug 7, 2011 at 9:11 AM EDT

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Notes from 2011 Bills Camp

August 7, 2011 Updated Aug 7, 2011 at 9:11 AM EDT

Pittsford, NY (WKBW-Release)

Head Coach Chan Gailey

PM Practice – August 6, 2011

On WR Donald Jones not playing:

He was kicked and got really sore. It’s nothing major. Hopefully, he’s only out one or two days.

On WR David Nelson’s condition:

Today, they checked everything to make sure it’s nothing bad... His injury was internal.

On LB Shawne Merriman not practicing:

He didn’t feel well this morning. He was a sorer than we thought he was going to be, so we left him out one more day. I think he’ll be back tomorrow.

On CB Aaron Williams leaving practice early:

Aaron hurt his hand. They were going to take him in and tell me more tonight or tomorrow morning.

On being happy with the offense:

I’m never happy (with the offense). If we don’t score every time, I’m never happy. We’re getting better. I thought we were better at pass protection tonight than we have been. We’re getting better in little ways, but we have to make sure we don’t take steps back. With the limited amount of reps and practices, we can’t take steps back. Fortunately, we haven’t taken steps back in practice yet.

On the timing between the quarterbacks and receivers:

Everybody is on the same page. We have had these guys in the system for the most part. Buster (Davis) has come in and picked up some things. We have a little timing with him right now. The coaches are doing a good job getting the guys ready to go to practice.

On WR Stevie Johnson being a great player:

He wants to be a great player. He thinks he was good last year and his goal is to be great. We are all for that and want to give him every opportunity to be great.

On LB Kelvin Sheppard’s status:

We’re still sitting on the 7-10 day from the injury time period.

WR Stevie Johnson

PM Practice – August 6, 2011

On the offense clicking today, especially in the red zone:

Every day is going to be different. You can’t come out here expecting to just win every day. It’s about competing. That’s what we’re doing. We’re just competing. Hopefully, we’ll mesh as a unit.

On the timing getting better the last few days:

We have to get on our game now. We didn’t have OTAs. We’ve been rushed into meshing with each other. The ones are getting more reps. We have gone from three to five reps in about three days. We are just trying to speed up the process so we can be ready for the season.

On taking advantage of the defense in the red zone:

Chan (Gailey) always makes it a point that once we are in the red zone, we get six. We have to have six. If we get field goals, that’s good, but we need to get touchdowns when we get in the red zone.

On QB Ryan Fitzpatrick having a good practice:

Ryan is good. He’s my ace. He’s good any day. He’s always on his game.

On being happy with the offense:

I’m at a point where I have to decide if I want to be a one year wonder or one of those guys that everybody remembers around the league. I’m just learning from Lee (Evans). I’m checking out what he is doing and learning his habits. I’m trying to improve on last year by doing better.

WR David Nelson

PM Practice – August 6, 2011

On how it felt to bounce back after missing a couple of practices:

I think it was a combination of both things. I got a couple of days off and got my legs back. We implemented a couple more plays for me. We’re going a little more three to four wide now and do some things I can do. And the quarterbacks saw today what we were able to do.

On how it feels to be more active in the offense this training camp:

It means a lot, especially since we have so many play makers on this team who can do so many different things with the ball. We have some great caliber players and anybody at any moment can score and take it to the end zone. Just to be a part of this and have Chan include me is special.

On if he figured out what his health issue was:

I spent yesterday taking a lot of tests. I went back to Buffalo and we pretty much did every test imaginable and we figured out what it was. I definitely didn’t feel 100% out there today. A couple of times we had to slow down a bit, but at the same time I’m back out there and I’m going to gradually get back and it will get back to 100%. Today was a step in the right direction.

On his diagnosis:

It’s something new, something I’ve never experienced before, that’s why I was so scared. Yes, it will fade away with medication in time.