Was A Chippewa Nightclub Shut Down Because Of Race?

April 28, 2011 Updated Apr 28, 2011 at 3:38 PM EDT

By By Kendra Eaglin

April 28, 2011 Updated Apr 28, 2011 at 3:38 PM EDT

BUFFALO, NY ( WKBW ) Dozens of customers who attended 4Play Nightclub on Chippewa Street last Saturday night have gone public with their story of being kicked out of the club, after club managers allegedly told them there were not enough white people inside. More people have come forward about similar experiences at the same establishment, but the Saturday night incident was caught on tape.

The video was captured by 3rd World Productions who was filming the group after a fashion show at the Forbes Theatre. The official fashion show after party was held at 4play Nightclub.

But the fun times quickly turned sour once club goers entered 4play, after workers turned on the lights and turned off the music and forced everyone outside. Once outside managers at the club told event coordinators that the bar was closed and everyone had to get out. However, it was barely 11 p.m., well before final call. But it soon became apparent why the party was cut short.

"I overheard them say if there's not enough white people we have to close this bar, there's too many black people." said Tiffany Thomas who was at the bar that night.

One of the event promoters, DeVaughn Jones of Royal Entertainment, tried to solve the issue but with no success, "We actually asked him at one point what can we do to keep this establishment open and he said basically you have to get more white people in here to make the ratio 50/50, if it's not, I'm turning the lights on, I'm cutting the music, and the party is over."

Maddy Ross and Giovanni Centrurione also attended the event Saturday night. They have spearheaded an internet campaign against 4Play on Facebook and have filed a complaint with the City of Buffalo's Commission on Citizens Rights and Community Relations Office, the State Liquor Authority and the NAACP.

"They kicked out the wrong people because we will not stand for injustice, we will not stand for racism. I don't care if you offended one person, racism is racism and it will be fought against, " said Ross.

"Even when I first wrote a letter and posted it on my Facebook page as a note, people were making comments like nothing is going to change it's Buffalo, same old same old, I'm not going to party where I'm not wanted. I got upset with that. I still wanted people to hear and figure out a way to change this attitude in Buffalo," said Centrurione.

Eyewitness news tried contacting 4Play Nightclub, but were not able to reach them for comment on this story.