Review of Niagara County SPCA Allegations Begins

January 6, 2012 Updated Jan 6, 2012 at 9:41 AM EDT

By WKBW News
By By Jaclyn Asztalos

January 6, 2012 Updated Jan 6, 2012 at 9:41 AM EDT

Niagara County, N.Y. (WKBW) - The Erie County SPCA has begun its investigation and thorough review of the Niagara County SPCA. One of the statistics they are looking at closely is the kill rate of the facility.

This comes after the Niagara County facility and its Executive Director were accused of killing nearly 400 cats and 100 dogs in the passed three months. Officials with the Erie County SPCA said that the Niagara County organization has, in the past, had a very poor adoption rate. They claim the group only adopts out 10 percent of their animals, putting down the other 90 percent. Many of the animals were healthy.

The Niagara County shelter also allegedly has been denying sick animals treatment. Now, Erie County officials are stepping in to make a change.

"We're really looking at an entire organization and the pieces of that organization," Erie County SPCA Executive Director Barbara Carr said.

Carr told Eyewitness News that the Erie County SPCA will allow the public to post comments on their website about any concerns they have with the Niagara County operation.

Niagara County SPCA board members said there is no evidence pointing to mismanagement at the facility.

"We at this point cannot find any validity to what's been presented so far. We have not been presented with any evidence," Niagara County SPCA Board President Brandi Scrufari said.

Now to compare, the Erie County SPCA, which is an entirely separate organization, rarely euthanize healthy animals. In fact, they haven't done so in nearly four years. Officials said even then, they only put down four healthy animals.

Erie County SPCA officials will be looking at all aspects of the Niagara County organization, specifically the kill rate, the allegations that they were denying care and their procedure for handling animals.
The investigation should be completed in the next few weeks.