New Catholic Mass to Take Effect this Weekend

November 27, 2011 Updated Nov 27, 2011 at 12:08 AM EDT

By Ed Reilly

November 27, 2011 Updated Nov 27, 2011 at 12:08 AM EDT

(Buffalo, NY) Since the Second Vatican Council in the 1960's, the Roman Catholic mass has been said the same way.

Starting this weekend, all U.S. Roman Catholic Churches will now use a new version of the mass called the "Roman Missal - Third Edition."

The new mass changes many prayers by making them less conversational and more poetic.

In the Diocese of Buffalo, about 200 churches will be affected.

At 1500 pages, the new mass book is much larger than the previous one.

Parishioners will see several changes to common responses, for example, "And with your spirit," is taking the place of the old response, "And also with you."

Most of the changes will affect the priests, says Father Paul Seil, Pastor of Saint Bernadette Church in Orchard Park.

According to Fr. Czeslaw Krysa, Director of the Office of Worship for the Diocese of Buffalo, the change is "a globalization of the vernacular text which is the first time that we ever had this type of a challenge in Christianity."

The changes are being implemented in eleven English speaking countries.

Translations for other languages are expected to take more time.

Church officials say the new translations were done to be in stricter conformity with the actual literal translations of the Latin text.