Murder Confession Letter Surfaces Seven Years Later

October 19, 2011 Updated Oct 19, 2011 at 11:31 PM EDT

By Kendra Eaglin

October 19, 2011 Updated Oct 19, 2011 at 11:31 PM EDT

Cheektowaga, NY

Joe Miller discovered what appears to be a bone-chilling murder confession hidden for years inside of his fuse box.

"The cover was here and when you opened it, this was on the left, on the cover, and I took a picture of it," explained Miller.

The haunting note was written on the door of Miller's breaker box inside his one-bedroom Cheektowaga apartment.

Miller read part of the letter out loud,

"I have committed the ultimate sin against humanity. The taking of another's life. Under carpet and concrete of the closet to the left, lies the remains of a woman by a name I never asked or knew," Miller read.

Miller discovered the note on Monday after bad weather knocked out power. He opened his breaker box for the first time in the two years he has lived in the apartment.

Coincidentally, Miller is an electrician. But he never imagined the breaker box could give him this kind of shock, a rambling letter from an unknown, self-confessed murderer.

"Although I doubt I'll get caught. I know deep in my heart that to redeem myself in the eyes of god, she will have to be found identified and her family informed," the letter continues.

"We are going to react, but we're not going to over react," said Captain John Glascott of the Cheektowaga Police Department.

The letter is dated August 11, 2003.

Police have asked Miller to submit a handwriting sample and he is fully cooperating.

Investigators are also reaching out to the FBI. They plan to conduct an ultra-sound of the bottom of Miller's closet to see if there is any possibility a body could be
buried underneath.

"I hope there's not. I hope somebody's mother, sister, or aunt, or daughter is not lying in my closet," said Miller.

The note was signed, but the signature is not legible. The very last words of the letter read, "Pray for her not me. I have been saved."

The managers of the apartment complex are also working with police to provide past tenant information that could possibly lead to more information in the case.