Monday Update: Hassan Trial

January 24, 2011 Updated Jan 24, 2011 at 5:39 PM EDT

By WKBW News

January 24, 2011 Updated Jan 24, 2011 at 5:39 PM EDT

BUFFALO, NY ( WKBW ) The murder trial of Muzzamil Hassan resumed Monday from Erie County Court after a controversial first week of testimony.

Channel 7's Laura Gray with videographer Arnie Posner will be there. Laura will be "tweeting" from court. Read those messages at

The following are some of those "tweets" from court on Monday, with the most recent posts at the top:

Officer describing scene through photos... Prosecutor trying to prove that Aasiya had no weapon on her when killed.

Judge instructs jury to not let gory photos affect them. Officer John Payne of Orchard Park sworn in.

Hassan objecting to many pictures saying prosecutors just want to incite jury with gore. Judge weighing value of each.

Prosecutors trying to bring back serious questions about abuse report.

Hassan: "Did I offer you a beer one time Officer Kadi? Kadi- "No, I was in uniform." Hassan - (laughing) "I think it was coffee then."

Hassan trying to get Officer Kadi to agree that Aasiya was a liar and not credible. Judge- "save that argument for closing statements."

Hassan asks Orchard Park Officer Kadi if Aasiya was lying about filing for divorce years ago. Then comments, "is it a crime to make false statements to police?"

It's a police report Aasiya filed against him. Hassan asking very leading questions that would imply that Aasiya was abusive.

Hassan submitting some police report(s) as evidence. 7 guards stand around him.

Hassan cross examination to Officer Kadi - "we served you lots of free coffee right?"

Jury back. Officer Joe Kadi of Orchard Park is here.

Prosecutor gable quickly redirecting questioning. Hassan now asking more questioning about parking. And break for lunch.

When told not to talk to her by Judge, Hassan says tell her "not to point her fingers at me."

Prosecutor objects over repetative nature. Hassan tells her to calm down.

General Manager of Bridges testifying. Sometimes sounds agitated as Hassan conducts cross examination. Still lots of objections by the people.

(Hassan) Cross examination not going so smoothly. Lots of objections so far by prosecution.

After divorce papers were served, Baliwala told Aasiya to go anywhere but home.

Hunaid Baliwala is the General Manager at Bridges TV. He is now on the stand.

Jury finally being brought in. Hassan is now representing himself. Schwartz will act as "silent" defense partner.

Judge: grants Hassan has right to represent himself. Grants his request.

Judge Franczyk: prosecutors say Hassan done nothing but manipulate court to get his way in hopes for appeal or mistrial.

Schwartz says he will be here as an advisor.differences between he and Hassan are irreconcilable.,

Hassan in the courtroom. Last wk chose not to be here. No jury yet.

Judge and attorneys heading into chambers w/Hassan

Here is a recap from last week:

It has been an eventful and emotional week as the jury heard from the prosecution's witnesses. Some of the most compelling testimony came from Muzzammil Hassan's two oldest children. They spoke about their love for their stepmother, and their attempts to stop Hassan from abusing Aasiya. That testimony seemed to spark Hassan to attempt to fire his attorney and take over as his own legal defense.

Prosecutors claim that Muzzammil Hassan killed his wife Aasiya because she dared to file for divorce and obtained a restraining order against him.

Defense attorney, Jeremy Schwartz, claims Hassan was justified in killing his wife because she humiliated and abused him, bringing him to "a breaking point."

13 witnesses have testified so far. A police officer who noted Hassan's calm demeanor when he confessed to the murder. Also, a Walmart employee describes Hassan as polite while tested the sharpness of two hunting knives an hour before Aasiya's body was found beheaded February 12, 2009.

The jury also learned many of the gruesome details of the case. Aasiya was stabbed 40 times and the beheading took only 47 seconds. She may have even been conscious during the beheading, a medical examiner said.

The most chilling testimony came from Hassan's own children. Both claim they witnessed Aasiya being punched and bleeding. Hassan wanted to cross examine his daughter himself, but the judge denied this request. The following morning,Hassan declares his attorney ill-prepared and threatens to fire him.

Hassan angrily storms out of the courtroom when the judge refused to let him take over his own legal defense. The defendant watched testimony from another room, and it's not clear if he will rejoin his attorney in the courtroom when it resumes Monday.

Tuesday, we had learned that 3 jurors were excused over the weekend, bringing the total amount of jurors to 13. If it dips under 12, there would be a mistrial.