Lockport Teen Allegedly Attacks Group After Drinking Four Loko

November 17, 2010 Updated Nov 17, 2010 at 9:26 PM EDT

By Laura Gray


Called 'Blackout-in-a-can," Four Loko packs the caffeine of two cups of coffee and 12% alcohol in a 23.5 ounce can.

November 17, 2010 Updated Nov 17, 2010 at 9:26 PM EDT

Lockport, NY (WKBW) -- A 16 year old boy, was spotted drinking Four Loko by witnesses before he was arrested for assaulting a group of people Friday. Justin Zimmerman saw a teenager who appeared drunk approach a Lockport coffee house Friday night. He told the teen he was not allowed inside, and asked him to leave. The teenager allegedly became violent. "I just duck out of the way and he just blasts my cousin right in the mouth and bloodies his whole mouth up." The fight didn't end there, Zimmerman says, the teen was out of control. He then turned and attacked a young woman. "He grabbed her head and there are these square poles that are there. He just bounced it right off the pole."
A crowd of people had formed to hold down the teen until police arrived - but the suspect allegedly kept swinging. Zimmerman says the teen was also carrying an empty can of Joose. Joose is another caffeine alcohol combination drink. Along with Four Loko it is now deemed unsafe by the FDA.
U.S. Senator Charles Schumer of New York tells us that one can of Four Loko or Joose is the equivalent of 4 cans of beer and a large coffee. He believes that the product is marketed towards teens with fruity flavors and colorful logos.
The makers of Four Loko maintain their product is safe but tell ABC news they are removing the caffeine "after trying - unsuccessfully - to navigate a difficult and politically-charged regulatory environment at both the state and federal levels."
Senator Charles Schumer says it will be off the shelves of New York state stores in early December.
Meanwhile, the Lockport suspect who was allegedly drinking Four Loko at the time of the attacks is charged with two counts of assault in the third degree, disorderly conduct, and underage drinking. The teen's name is not being released because he is a minor.