Local Dancers Featured in Hollywood Movie

July 4, 2013 Updated Jul 4, 2013 at 10:38 AM EDT

By Kendra Eaglin

July 4, 2013 Updated Jul 4, 2013 at 10:38 AM EDT

Hamburg, NY
Fifteen year old Tiley Strozewski and 16 year old Zac Weaver have been busting moves on the dance floor for as long as they can remember.

'Hip hop, jazz, tap, ballet, all that," explained Strozewski about his dancing skills.

"It's kind of like a natural high. It gives me a feeling you couldn't explain," Weaver chimed in.

And if you're thinking about challenging them to a dance off you may want to think again!

It was their free-style moves and cerography experience that landed them a spot in The Way, Way Back, a movie starring Steve Carell and Maya Rudolph.

It's dubbed the hit comedy of the summer about an awkward teenage boy who comes into his own while working at a water park over summer vacation.

The main character played by Liam James has a run-in with the boys who are break dancing in the park.

"We were just trying to get the main character out of his comfort zone and make sure he built his self esteem up," said Strozewski.

During their one-day shoot on location in Boston the boys quickly learned that showbiz ain't easy!

"When you're watching the movie at home you don't understand how many different cameras there area and how many times they have to film certain parts and like little things for it to come out the right way. Our little scene is only like 15 minutes long but it took a whole day to shoot." stated Weaver.

The boys' dance instructor and owner of The Future Dance Center, Denise Vaccaro had the connections to help make it all happen and is proud her boys' dance skills and hard work will be on national display.

"That opportunity doesn't come around in Buffalo very often so it was really fun to tell them, 'Do you guys want to be in a movie?' And I know the answer was going to be, 'Oh my gosh yes!" said Vaccaro.

The Way, Way Back hits select theatres on July 5th.