Jurors, Aasiya's Sister Speak Out on Hassan Guilty Verdict

February 8, 2011 Updated Feb 8, 2011 at 8:01 PM EDT

By Laura Gray

February 8, 2011 Updated Feb 8, 2011 at 8:01 PM EDT

Buffalo, NY (WKBW) -- Jurors tell me that they are relieved the trial is over and are convinced that justice was served. They explained what led to the verdict of guilty.
Juror number 11, Kelly Maccagano knew little about the case when she was chosen as a juror, and went into trial with an open mind. "I think we initially gave him the benefit of the doubt. I know that anybody can be abused." But Hassan's 20 hours of testimony spent claiming that he was the victim of domestic violence at the hands of wife Aasiya, just didn't add up for her. "I think when we found out that he was served divorce papers on the 6th of February, we thought why wasn't that his out? Why wasn't he relieved?"
Juror Hillary Livingston says she was shocked by the charts and agreements Hassan created and then submitted as evidence of his wife's abuse. "The way he worded things, the way he would lecture her, that was probably the most shocking."
Another blow to Hassan's battered spouse syndrome was the compelling testimony from his own children. "It really gave her a personality. Where it's not just a stranger on the street, she was doing all these things. She had a life and had a lot to live for." Livingston tells us.
Maccagano believes the surveillance video proved during the most crucial moments proved that Hassan was the aggressor and Aasiya had no idea what he was planning. "It was stone cold clear that he was waiting for her. And the minute she walked in the door, he attacked her. We could literally see that. And the cameras can't lie."
Both Livingston and Maccagano were surprised by Hassan's reaction to the guilty verdict. "He's the only person I looked at (when the verdict was read)" Livingston tells us. "Because he had been so emotionless through the entire trial. He did not move, he did not flinch, I don't even think he blinked. He just sat there."
Aasiya sister, Asma Firfirey, lives in South Africa. In an email she said, "Although the verdict wont bring Aasiya back to us, we as a family are satisfied that he was found guilty. It has brought great relief that this episode in our lives has finally come to an end... The abuse started very early in her marriage... She was always hiding it from us, so that she can protect Mo and made us think good of him. She was always scared and knew that Mo was going to kill her... Hassan was defending himself very badly, and at times I was laughing at his nonsense. The most shocking of all, is how he killed her and he showed no remorse... I'm sure not even animals behave the way that he did."
Aasiya's children live in Pakistan, and Firfirey tells me, "They often speak about Aasiya and still remember her well."
Hassan has never contacted Aasiya's family in the two years since her death, and Firfirey hopes he gets maximum punishment.