Political Temper Tantrum Caught on Tape

May 11, 2011 Updated May 11, 2011 at 11:43 PM EDT

By John Borsa

May 11, 2011 Updated May 11, 2011 at 11:43 PM EDT

GREECE, NY (WKBW) - The Erie County Republican Committee posted a video to YouTube late Wednesday night, which apparently shows a GOP tracker and his camera being smacked by Tea Party congressional candidate Jack Davis.

"Jack Davis assaulted a Republican volunteer," said Erie County Republican Committee Chairman Nick Langworthy.

The clip, which is just 15 seconds in length, starts with the volunteer asking Davis why he backed out of Thursday's scheduled debate.

Davis appears to smack the tracker's camera.

Trackers are used by political campaigns to follow opponents at campaign events. Davis was leaving an event in Greece, NY where he received the endorsement of former congressional candidate David Bellavia, an Iraq War veteran.

Davis spokesman Curtis Ellis brushed off the incident and accused Republicans of harassing Davis.

"They're tracking him and trying to prevent him from getting in his own car," said Ellis.

Langworthy did not release the name of the tracker and declined a request to release additional footage of moments prior to the incident.

Earlier in the evening, Davis told reporters that he will not appear at the scheduled debate with his opponents, Democrat Kathy Hochul and Republican Jane Corwin.

"They're both liars," Davis said.

Davis accused his opponents of distorting his record and his stand on the issues.

"This is exactly why Jack Davis can't be trusted by Western New Yorkers - he backed out of the debate and he'd back out on them," said Team Corwin spokesman Matthew Harakal.

The Hochul campaign said it has never lied about anything.

Davis is considered problematic by both major parties, because they believe he is taking away supporters from both camps.

"It appears that Jack is taking votes out of both Kathy Hochul and Jane Corwin," said former Republican Rep. Tom Reynolds. "And so the question becomes over the next two weeks who's hide does he take it out of more?"

A political committee connected to the GOP's Karl Rove has pledged to spend $650,000 in support of Corwin while the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is spending $250,000 to showcase Hochul.

Davis, who has no shortage of cash and has already spent $1 million on the campaign said the sudden rush of national money to his opponents is proof that he is a threat.

"I'm going to win. You guys don't get it yet," he said. "The people are behind me. The politicians hate me."