Hockey Fans Are Upset About The NHL Lockout

October 4, 2012 Updated Oct 4, 2012 at 11:47 PM EDT

By Lou Chilelli

October 4, 2012 Updated Oct 4, 2012 at 11:47 PM EDT

The loss of the games has a wide ranging affect that involves more than just the owners and players. Fans...businesses and workers across our area will suffer because of the lockout. At the Northtown Center at Amherst there's hockey year round. Family and friends watched a boys 16 and under game Thursday night. Everyone here is watching the NHL situation.

"We were really look forward to the season this year too. Here we are at youth hockey enjoying I guess we will spend some more time on the ice with our kids," hockey fan Phil Basinski said. The big question long will the lockout last? "It's so abstract what they are going through, the money is so huge, I really don't think the players have much leverage. I think a lockout is going to last a long time," Basinski added.

The loss of professional hockey is affecting fans of all ages. In downtown Buffalo, it's a night of football at the Pearl Street Brewery. This is a very popular place before...during and after home Sabres games. Without the big crowds business will be down. Bartenders and servers can look forward to a lot less tip money making it in to their pockets.

Jim Selmemsberger was at Nothtown Center to watch his grandson play. "I think eventually money will talk and they will get together and that's the bottom line, money and probably the perks that come along with it," Selmemsberger said.