High Winds Move Into The Buffalo Area

January 2, 2012 Updated Jan 2, 2012 at 11:17 AM EDT

By Lou Chilelli

January 2, 2012 Updated Jan 2, 2012 at 11:17 AM EDT

BUFFALO N.Y. (WKBW) -- As high winds moved into western New York around sunset Sunday...one of the first casualties of the night was the branches of a tree in the Main Street, Fillmore Avenue area of the city. "I was sitting in the house and I heard all of a sudden...BOOM! I came down and my lights was going out and I have no lights. I have tenants that stay with me...and they heard the same thing. Everybody run out of the room and everything," said George Waddell, one of the homeowners.

The tree is in the backyard of a home on Leroy Avenue...but, the branches ended up on two houses on Brewster Street. The branches brought down power lines that fed about half a dozen National Grid customers. "The tree is on the side of my house and on the side of her house...both of us. I can't describe the damages because I can't see the damages because of the darkness," Waddell added.

More tree branches came down on power lines in the Town of Hamburg, knocked out power to a number of homes in the Walbridge Avenue, Mount Vernon Parkway area. Emergency crews stood by until the power company could get the situation under control. Closer to Lake Erie...it was a bouncy wind whipped ride across the Skyway in Buffalo.

Natures free car wash ...in progress as wind tossed waves splash up onto Route Five in Hamburg. Hoak's Restaurant was getting its usual pounding as lake water crashed against the back of the building. In the heart of downtown Buffalo...the high winds knocked this lamp post on West Huron to the ground. Fortunately, on one was around when it fell.