High Schools Dealing with Parking Shortage

September 21, 2012 Updated Sep 21, 2012 at 7:04 PM EDT

By WKBW News
By By Ed Reilly

September 21, 2012 Updated Sep 21, 2012 at 7:04 PM EDT

VILLAGE OF HAMBURG, NY (WKBW-TV) - Too many students with too many cars.

That's the problem facing several school districts who have run out of space to park them.

In Hamburg, the overflow of student driven cars are filling up a nearby side-street, but some residents on North Street say the cars and teen drivers are causing problems.

"The cars take up all the parking spots, they slow down traffic, and make it hard to get in and out of driveways," said upset resident Franklin Wald.

"There is a growing number of students harassing some of the older people in the neighborhood and throwing trash," added Frank Terranova, another angry resident.

The problem was so serious during the previous school year, that 65 residents on North Street sent a petition to the Village of Hamburg demanding action before the situation gets out of hand during the current school year.

"We want a solution because all the surrounding streets have parking bans," commented Franklin Wald.

School officials tell Eyewitness News that they are addressing the problem by reminding students about their responsibilities to the surrounding neighborhood. They are also sending monitors out to keep an eye on behavior near the on-street parking areas.

Village of Hamburg Police say they have stepped up patrol of North Street and that seems to have cut down on some of the problems.

The School District and the Village of Hamburg are also forming a committee to study the problem and come up with some options, but the reality is there is not enough room for all the cars.

"Unless you want us to park blocks away and make us walk, there really is no other place to park, so there is really nothing we can do," said Charles Sherry, a Hamburg High School senior.

Clarence High School also dealt the same type of problem.

After receiving complaints of students parking cars along Main Street, the school parking lot was expanded and students were charged $20 for parking privileges.

Eyewitness news has also heard reports of crowded streets around Kenmore West and North Tonawanda High Schools.

Why are more students driving to school?

It appears that factors like jobs, outside classes, and early dismissal have led to many students driving themselves to school.

But there is also the reality that many don't like riding the bus.

"It is long. There is a lot of little kids on there and it is annoying," said Hamburg High School student Jake Lucarelli.