Heat sweeps Western New York

August 3, 2012 Updated Aug 3, 2012 at 6:54 PM EDT

By WKBW Admin

August 3, 2012 Updated Aug 3, 2012 at 6:54 PM EDT

The sun is blazing and the heat is on in Western New York.

However, not even temperatures in the 90's could keep people away from the Eden Corn Festival Friday afternoon.

The festival is prepared for excessive temperatures. It has covered tents, a pool zone and two emergency stations. The emergency squad says it expects a lot of calls.

Scott Holtquist, the Director of Operations for the Eden Emergency Squad, tells Eyewitness News "we have an air conditioned facility, we'll have a couple of ambulances with air conditioning running. We have advanced life support so we'll be able to hydrate intravenously."

Holtquist urges everyone not to forget the basic rules when heading outdoors. He stresses "remember sun block, remember your water and find shade when you need to."

The heat isn't just affecting people, but also the festival's main attraction -- corn.

You may notice this year, it tastes just as good, but it's a little smaller. Growers say they've had to put in a lot of extra work and money.

Karyn Agle Sullivan, with Agles Farmers Market, says there was "a lot more work even from planting the seeds. Because it was so dry from spring right through the harvest, we had to irrigate a lot more."

The extra cost of irrigation may cause produce prices to go up.

Sullivan explains there's "the cost of labor, the cost of moving equipment around, the cost of running the pumps, our costs our inputs are higher this year."

Even in this drought, Western New York has had some severe weather. A hail storm hurt Sullivan's pepper and tomato crops. She says "that's probably going to cost us 25-percent, if not more, on some of our crops."

Still the hail didn't spare the corn, one of the main attractions at the Corn Festival.

Even though it's going to be scorching, that's not expected to stop many from getting a bite of Western New York's amazing corn and getting in some good old fashioned fun.