Hassan's Children Testify Against Him

January 19, 2011 Updated Jan 19, 2011 at 9:35 PM EDT

By Laura Gray

January 19, 2011 Updated Jan 19, 2011 at 9:35 PM EDT

BUFFALO, NY (WKBW) -- Muzzammil "Mo" Hassan listened without emotion as Sonia Hassan and Michael Hassan testified about their father's abuse. Their stories were similar. Both said Mo hit Sonia, punched Michael, and punched their stepmother Aasiya one night after hours of arguing.

Sonia testified that Aasyia's nose was profusely pleading another time. She claims Hassan said to Aasiya "I'm sorry, but you deserved it."

Both children, who are around the age of 20 now, say Assiya was like a mother to them, and they wanted to live with her when they learned she was divorcing Hassan. Michael says Mo believed Aasiya was verbally abusive towards him, but neither had ever seen her abuse Mo.

The babysitter for the two youngest children of Aasiya and Mo, Jennifer Greer, testified that she witnessed Mo Hassan drag Aasiya by her hair and under the arms across the driveway. He then sat on her stomach, she claims. He also tried to run Greer off the road as she drove Aasiya and her two biological children to the airport, according to testimony.

Prosecutors also presented a "memorandum of understanding." In it, Aasiya agrees to act and behave certain ways. The memo, which is signed by both Mo and Aasiya, says Aasiya agrees to not call police against Mo Hassan. If she does, it says she will lose contact with her children. Sonia claims the "memorandum of understanding" was in a duffel bag that Aasiya left in her care months prior to her death.

Mo Hassan had wanted to cross examine his daughter and her babysitter himself, but a judge denied that request. Judge Franczyk also noted that Hassan did not ask to question his son personally.

Testimony resumes Thursday.