Hassan May Take the Stand Thursday

January 26, 2011 Updated Jan 27, 2011 at 12:23 AM EDT

By Laura Gray

January 26, 2011 Updated Jan 27, 2011 at 12:23 AM EDT

Buffalo, NY (WKBW) - When the prosecution rested its case, Muzzammil Hassan was obviously ill prepared. He did not have any witnesses ready to go, saying that he didn't know prosecutors would be done so soon. The jury was dismissed early. Hassan claimed that he would take the stand Thursday if none of the 40 witnesses being subpoenaed tonight appear in court. The judge also warned Hassan that he could not force anyone to become an expert witness on his behalf.
Hassan also wanted to present a statement to the jury, arguing with judge about whether it would be approved. It was denied. The judge told him he could not have an "opening statement redo" just because he did not like attorney Jeremy Schwartz's statement.
Hassan also wants to submit what he calls all of his "bad acts." This includes medical reports, child protective services reports, and police reports.
In other procedural issues this morning, Hassan wanted the specific grounds for divorce known to the jury. The prosecution was just going to say there were grounds for divorce named by Aasiya, but Hassan says he wants everything out in the open for the jury.
The prosecution put on record the issue with Hassan's style of questioning. Saying he often introduced hearsay in a backhanded way, and by now he knows the proper way to ask a question. But Hassan's style continued as he asked a detective from Orchard Park police if he was aware that Aasiya thought he was having an affair with 3 women. The detective said no.
The jury did listen to the prosecution's remaining witnesses today. Forensics experts testified that Aasiya's blood was on a knife, Hassan's clothes, and even on his hands. Then there was the issue of text messages sent leading up to and on the day of the murder. Hassan begging to be heard and forgiven by Aasiya. He also told her he was not at his office, when surveillance video showed that he was waiting in the dark at Bridges TV moments before her death.