Hassan Blacked Out, Doesn't Remember Killing His Wife

February 2, 2011 Updated Feb 2, 2011 at 8:17 PM EDT

By Laura Gray

February 2, 2011 Updated Feb 2, 2011 at 8:17 PM EDT

A lot of ground was covered as Muzzammil Hassan was cross examined. Prosecutor Colleen Curtain Gable started off by asking Hassan why he spent three and a half days discussing his life, but only two words on the murder. She was referring to his testimony Tuesday, where he said, "Things happen, you've seen what happened." Hassan claims he blacked out and doesn't remember stabbing his wife and beheading her. He also denied kicking or throwing her head during the attack.
Gable went step by step, showing him autopsy photos and crime scene photos, forcing Hassan to answer questions about how his wife Aasiya had stab wounds on her back and her chest if he did not attack her from behind. She also named numerous ways Hassan could have avoided his wife if he was scared of her. Hassan remained emotionless through the intense cross examination. He admits Aasiya did not have a weapon on her when he killed her.
Text messages were revealed, including one where he told a woman he loved her just days before he killed his wife. At the same time, he was texting his wife begging for her to stop the divorce proceedings.
Gable pointed out that although he claims that he liked the Orchard Park Police and considered them friends, he never filed a police report against his wife's alleged abuse. He also never complained to his doctor about injuries, although Aasiya did.
Sonia Hassan took the stand later in the afternoon. Hassan struggled to ask his 20 year old daughter questions about "getting in the middle of relationships"or "spying on her grandparents." The jury and Sonia were soon asked to leave the room as the judge admonished hassan for his "clever way"of getting inadmissible evidence on the record. Hassan also asked Sonia if his decision to let her choose a broadway play makes him "a controlling person or a caring dad."
Michael Hassan will not be called to the stand again now. A doctor may testify Thursday.