Closing Arguments Presented In Hassan Case

February 7, 2011 Updated Oct 23, 2013 at 4:36 AM EDT

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{FOR TAN/CITYSIDE STORY} Muzzammil S. Hassan, left, talks with a court officer before giving his closing argument in his trial for the murder of his wife, Aasiya Z. Hassan, before Judge Thomas P. Franczyk at the Erie County Courthouse in Buffalo, Monday, February 7, 2011. {Photo by Charles Lewis/Buffalo News}

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    {FOR TAN/CITYSIDE STORY} Multiple court officers stand by as Muzzammil S. Hassan delivers his closing argument in his trial for the murder of his wife, Aasiya Z. Hassan, before Judge Thomas P. Franczyk at the Erie County Courthouse in Buffalo, Monday, February 7, 2011. {Photo by Charles Lewis/Buffalo News}


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February 7, 2011 Updated Oct 23, 2013 at 4:36 AM EDT

BUFFALO, NY ( WKBW ) A jury finds Muzzamil Hassan guilty of murder in the second degree after hearing closing arguments.

Channel 7's Laura Gray and John Borsa have been posting "tweets" from inside the courtroom that you can follow at

Those postings also appear here with the most recent post at the top:


A jury finds Muzzamil Hassan guilty of murder in the second degree.

No camers in court for verdict of Hassan

Jury excused. 40 minutes no one can come or go for jury instructions.

Gable gets choked up saying now is my time to speak for her.

Its always someone else fault, he blames the system, blames Aasiya.

He wants to talk about hurt an pain, but as #hassan said abusers are great manipulaters.

Gable- don't spend time thinking why he turned himself in, waste of time.

Hassan Objection that going to hotel counts as retreating. Judge says he ll handle instructing jury

Gable says Hassan fits perfectly into his witness. Doctor Horwitz spousal homicide findings.

Day before murder Aasiya told him he has hated her for a long time. Talk only through lawyer.

Gable using Hassan witness testimony to describe abuser/victim characteristics. Who does that describe?

Hassan remembered every detail for hour upon hour and wants you to believe he doesn't remember 30 to 40 secs of killing.

Gable- Hassan was in control of everything, and unfortunately in control of aasiya one last time.

Gable -Her body is destroyed he doesnt have a scratch, attacked her from behind. Hassan

Gable show bloody window pane Hassan punched out after Aasiya files for divorce.

Gable explaining that jury needs to consider Hassans credibility

Gable- you have to decide Hassan was justified doing this. Shows crime photos

Hassan not looking at gable as she discusses knives, witnesses.

Gable -This is not divorce case its a murder case. Hassan

Curtain gable starts closing. She brought him laundry he. Met her with 2 hunting knives. Hassan.

The line of people forming to get in.

Break till 130pm. Then prosecutors are up.

Summation ends with Hassan saying he doesn't blame wife blames" them" referring to doctors, lawyers, etc.

Hassan told Aasiya day before he killed her that he felt raped, hatred, exploited, helpless, trapped.

Hassan trying to submit evidence against his own witness, objected and sustained.

Hassan says Aasiya wanted son michael to sleep in bed bc she was scared. This is his proof she was lying.

Hassan, acting as own attorney, still hasn't talked about day he killed wife 2 years ago. Time limit for summation running out.

Hassan says he emailed Aasiya in 2006 that he is being" psychologically raped"

Hassan says 35 % all protection of abuse orders are false. Objection.

Hassan says he is in a very different place then 2 yrs ago. Blames doctors, lawyers, not Aasiya

Hassan claims he is found to be have self control, submissive.

Aasiya dominant according to a personality profile test.

Judge orders Hassan to stick to facts during closing.

Hassan shows jury paper with a doodle of a pendulum where he has to act like a puppy dog to get love.

In similar fashion to his testimony, Hassan has yet to get to the day he killed his wife as explanation.

Hassan is quoting Socrates- saying Aasiya did not like to look inward.

A lot of Hassan's summation is the style, words, and character of what we've heard for weeks, similar to his testimony.

Now Hassan discussing manipulation of counselors

Now he's talking about Ghandi and Ronald Reagan. Back to Mandela.

Hassan very confident, calm, but a little more agitated than usual while describing how he is victim.

Hassan wants to go through all dr reports against him saying the doctors were brainwashed.

Hassan is quoting Nelson Mandela and comparing himself to him as the oppressed.

Prosecution objects to Hassans rhetorical use of religion.

72 police, child protective service, medical reports from Aasiya about abuse. Hassan says no one saw abusive marks.

Keeps referring to peoples "religion" of sexism that makes them see Aasiya as victim and him as abuser.

Another objection as something Hassan wants to submit not in evidence.

Another objection to that road map he created where Aasiya complains about Hassan

Hassan claims no one saw any marks on Aasiya. Only one case where she had a bruise, which was from restraining her.

He is concerned about how evidence he shows appears on TV live feed.

Hassan reads emails allegedly from Aasiya about how sweet he is.

Suddenly last 2 yrs skyscraper of complaints, did I have major personality change?

Third objection.Hassan

Already objection. Hassan says if I said you're anti Islamic its attack on person. Another objection as Hassan makes movie reference

Starts with good morning. Thanks for hearing my side of the story.

Hassan making eye contact, looking around gallery. Waiting for him to begin.

Hassan starts closing argument. 8 guards stand nearby

6 guards surround Hassan now that jury is in the room and cameras are coming on for live feed.

Jury enters possibly for the last time before verdict. Hassan

Hassan believes it shows her fear of exposure of her own abuse.

Hassan is allowed to submit emails where Aasiya says she knows the worst thing he can do is kill her and the kids. Judge warns against it.

Judge says its a slow drip torture of emails Hassan wants him to read on day of closings.

Judge going over some evidence Hassan wants the jury to look at.

Hassan is in court on what could be the day his fate is decided

The line for Hassan closing arguments is already getting longer. Starts at 930am.

Overall, those involved with the case said it has been a unique trial and one that has been two years in the making.

Hassan admitted to killing his wife in February of 2009 but because of his decision to change lawyers numerous times, along with many pre-trial hearings at Hassan's request the case was postponed.

Although Hassan admitted to killing his wife, he worked to justify the killing. Hassan claimed that he suffered from what is called "Battered Spouse Syndrome". He said Aasiya abused him mentally and physically.

Then just a few days into the trial, Hassan asked the judge if he could fire his attorney and represent himself. The judge granted that request and the former defense attorney Jeremy Schwartz became Hassan's silent counsel.

Hassan said he would call nearly 40 witnesses to the stand, only a few people testified. Then, Hassan took the stand for days talking about his relationship with his wife, documenting instances of abuse.

Last Friday, the Hassan family therapist was called to the stand. Hassan wanted the doctor to further support his battered spouse defense. Instead, he did just the opposite. The doctor said he had records that Aasiya was the one being abused.

Channel 7's legal expert Barry Covert commented on the doctor's testimony.

"The doctor testified that the Hassan had admitted to striking his wife on two or three occasions. That is wife never struck him according to what he heard in therapy sessions," Covert said.

The courtroom has been packed with reporters, community members, attorneys, and people from groups fighting domestic violence and members of the Muslim community. It could all end today after a long haul for everyone.