Hamburg Schools Yet to Vote on Teacher Evaluations

January 11, 2013 Updated Jan 11, 2013 at 12:55 AM EDT

By Jason Gruenauer

January 11, 2013 Updated Jan 11, 2013 at 12:55 AM EDT

HAMBURG (WKBW) Hamburg schools are cutting it close when it comes to mandatory teacher evaluation plans, and a last minute delay is bringing the district that much closer to losing out on state aid.

The delay comes at a pretty bad time, with just a week left before these teacher evaluation plans have to be approved by the State, or else the district will miss out on a whole lot of money.

"We're going to do everything we can do in order to have this plan approved on time," Hamburg Superintendent Steven Achramovitch said at a meeting Tuesday.

But time is ticking for the Hamburg School District, who has until January 17th to have a teacher evaluation plan approved by New York State. The teachers were scheduled to vote on the plan on Thursday, and the district on Friday, but as of late on the 10th, no one had voted.

"There was a little change that needed to be tweaked, as far as numbers in terms of one of the rubrics, which is part of the foundation of the evaluation" Hamburg Teachers Association President John Mrozek said.

The Hamburg District faces a similar problem to Buffalo Public Schools; have a plan in and approved by the end of next week or lose out big-time on State aid.

The Executive Director of the New York State School Board Association says most teacher evaluation plans are in and approved already, but some like Hamburg are hitting roadblocks.

"These negotiated agreements on the local level, they're finding they're having a difficult time getting to that because of things like absenteeism and other measures of accountability. But we're getting there," Tim Kremer said.

So what is the holdup in Hamburg?

"Because we were committed to making sure that this document represented what our membership needed as far as a fair evaluation," Mrozek said.

The teachers will vote on the proposed plan Friday morning, and a special session of the Hamburg School Board will take place Friday afternoon. Sources say all signs point to ratification by the board if the teachers pass the plan first.