George Wilson Meets The Media

July 29, 2011 Updated Jul 29, 2011 at 11:30 PM EDT

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George Wilson Meets The Media

July 29, 2011 Updated Jul 29, 2011 at 11:30 PM EDT

PITTSFORD, NY ( WKBW / ) The player who was most outspoken during the lockout is back on the playing field.

Catch up with George Wilson when he met the media on day one of training camp.

On the excitement of getting back on the field:

It actually started yesterday when guys started coming to the dorms, but to be able to come today and work out together, laugh, joke with the guys and get back into that locker room environment is something we’ve all been praying for. My teammates are next to the closest things to our families and we spend a lot of time with each other. It’s just great to be back around with these guys, be back around the coaches and be back around the game that we love to play so much.

On the way guys see him now after the last four months, while being a team rep:

I’ve definitely had a lot of guys come up to me and express their appreciation, their gratitude for the work that I put in for them, but as I tell them I have to thank them for their trust and them empowering me to represent them in their best interest. They’ve been very receptive of my e-mails and the information I’ve been sending out. I tried to send it out in the simplest form where everybody can understand. They just expressed their appreciation and it makes you feel good about the work that went into the negotiations.

On his eagerness to turn the page and get to football:

It’s already started. We took the first step today. I told the guys after we finished working out that the journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. And we took that first step today in coming out and working out as a team. We still have some free agents and other rookies to join us, but for the most part the nucleus of our team is here. Tomorrow we’ll take another step as we get our first practice under our belt and start to see what type of team we’re going to be this year, what unfinished business we have from last year and what lessons we need to learn. We’re going to take the step toward correcting those things.

On it being a different start to the season and if it seems strange:

Guys are definitely talking about the transactions that have been taking place, especially how quick these signings are. I think for the most part guys are excited to be back around each other, and talking about our team more so than what’s going on around the league and other places.

On the addition of first-round pick Marcell Dareus at camp:

It helps tremendously. In the past with rookie contracts, holdouts go in place and it may be a week or two weeks before guys are able to show up. So for him able to be here and work out today and to be able to practice with us the very first day is going to do us a great pleasure to be able to get out there and try to rectify our run defense so that we can get off the field on third-down more consistently.

On what Dareus will bring to the defense:

He’s athletic. He can play all three of the defensive lineman positions. He’s a big body and he’ll draw attention and double teams. He’ll just have to come in and acclimate himself and his body to the NFL game and be able to condition himself so that he can be just as strong in the fourth quarter as he is in the first quarter.