Coach says there's a "Couple of Kids with No Heart".

New Today-Football Season Canceled at area School

September 11, 2010 Updated Sep 11, 2010 at 3:58 PM EDT

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New Today-Football Season Canceled at area School

September 11, 2010 Updated Sep 11, 2010 at 3:58 PM EDT

Brocton, NY (Courtesy-Dunkirk Observer) WKBW-TV
The Brocton varsity football team has canceled its remaining games this season.

In an e-mail message sent to media by Brocton Central School Superintendent John Hertlein, it was announced the decision was reached late Thursday evening.

The e-mail read, "Because of injuries, eligible players and low membership, the Brocton Central School District can no longer safely field a varsity football team for the 2010-2011 school year. We are deeply saddened by this decision to end the 2010 varsity season at this time in the schedule. Circumstances have taken us to a point that to continue with the numbers of players and the age and experience of these players, it could become an unsafe situation to continue with the current schedule and contest. The Brocton Central School will continue to field a Jr. Varsity Football program for the remainder of the season with the current schedule. Again, it is with a heavy heart that we had to end this varsity football season."

Coach Terry Presto noted four athletes were out for 3-4 weeks with injuries while four players quit.

"There were a couple kids with no heart," Presto said. "For the kids, I think we would have done great against Sherman (today). But there are a group of kids who don't care and it's sad for the other kids. These kids have no remorse for what the community did for them."

Presto noted with four injured players and four players who quit, the Bulldogs were left with just 10 players. Presto thanked the players who did not quit.

"I will be calling the parents and letting them know how proud they should be of their sons for showing the heart they did," Presto said. "It's frustrating. We are going again with a J.V. team. We will go from there and hopefully we will try again next year."

This is the second year Brocton is without a varsity football team. Last year, the team did not have enough students to form a team.