Five Year Anniversary of Flight 3407 Crash

February 12, 2014 Updated Feb 12, 2014 at 7:44 PM EDT

By WKBW News

February 12, 2014 Updated Feb 12, 2014 at 7:44 PM EDT

Today marks the five-year anniversary of the crashing of Continental Airlines Flight 3407 in Clarence Center that killed everyone on board and one on the ground.

Each year, families are once again remembered of their tragic loss on this day, but to some, this anniversary is harder than the last.

“ It’s coming to terms with the fact that it’s a forever loss,” said Marilyn Kausner, whose daughter Ellyce was among those on-board. “It’s just been a very difficult anniversary I think because so much time has passed. I think other family members feel the same way.”

“Every year I remember the day I lost my little girl,” said John Kausner, Ellyce’s father. “Every year and every day I remember that.”

Over the past five years, flight 3407 families have made numerous trips to Washington pushing for new flight safety laws. They were successful, and those laws airlines must now follow.

“The standards that were in place when flight 3407 crashed were so deficient and out of date,” Marilyn told Eyewitness News. “We’ve made a lot of progress on flight and duty time, on pilot training, the number of hours that are required before a pilot can sit in the cockpit of a commercial airline.”

Tonight, a memorial service will be held for the families of flight 3407. For the first time yet, the service and candlelight vigil will be open to the public.

“When the crash happened and probably for the first year or two years it was almost impossible to see it as a collective tragedy because it was so personal,” Marilyn said. “Now, five years later we have gained enough perspective to say this was a tragedy that happened to an entire community.”

The vigil begins at 8 p.m. at Zion Lutheran Church in Clarence followed by the candlelight vigil at the crash at 10 p.m.