Delays Expected As FAA Furlough Takes Effect

April 22, 2013 Updated Apr 22, 2013 at 6:54 PM EDT

By Hilary Lane

April 22, 2013 Updated Apr 22, 2013 at 6:54 PM EDT

Thousands of flights are expected to be cancelled or delayed by up to three or four hours in the upcoming months all across the country and it is not because of Mother Nature or mechanical issues.

The U.S. Government approved budget cuts are forcing the FAA to furlough a tenth of its air traffic controllers.

FAA officials say all 47,000 agency employees will lose one day of work every other week, including nearly 15,000 controllers.

The organization says planes will have to take off and land less frequently, so as not to overload the remaining controllers on duty.

While Sunday night and Monday many larger airports experienced major delays, representatives say medium-sized Buffalo Niagara International Airport will most likely not be directly impacted.

"So if there are delays in New York City that could possibly affect the departing flights and vice versa, but the delay wouldn't be because of something that happened in Buffalo. It would be a ripple effect of something happening in a much larger airport," said Doug Hartmayer, Director of Public Affairs, NFTA.

However, several Jet Blue flights flying to New York from Buffalo Niagara International Airport Monday afternoon and evening had been delayed or cancelled.

Officials suggest checking with your individual airline carrier to see if your flight has been delayed and then plan accordingly.