Coach Gailey At Camp

July 29, 2011 Updated Jul 29, 2011 at 10:58 PM EDT

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Coach Gailey At Camp

July 29, 2011 Updated Jul 29, 2011 at 10:58 PM EDT

PITTSFORD, NY ( ) Eyewitness Sports Director Jeff Russo with reporter / anchor Shawn Stepner join Allen Leight, Jason Gruenauer, Scott MacDowell and Charlie Smith from Buffalo Bills Training Camp.

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Head Coach Chan Gailey

PM Press Conference – July 29, 2011

On Brad Smith:

Brad is a very good athlete and was a very good quarterback coming out of college. He has proven he can make plays on the football field in a lot of different ways. We love his versatility and what he is going to bring to our football team.

On Smith’s primary position:

He is going to be listed as a quarterback.

On Smith opening up different playbook possibilities:

If we had four months together, he’d open it up a lot more. I think eventually he will open up the playbook quite a bit. The Wildcat would be an ideal role for him to start.

On Smith as a receiver:

He did not have a lot of opportunities to be a receiver. He is a good enough athlete. I see him being used in a similar role as I used Kordell (Stewart) in Pittsburgh. He can play some receiver and quarterback. He gives you a lot of versatility. He can play special teams, cover kicks and return kicks. He can do a lot to help a football team win games.

On Smith starting late:

It will be tougher, but it is not insurmountable. It is our responsibility that we don’t throw so much at him that he gets frustrated. He needs to take things in increments and learn a little bit at a time. It won’t be comfortable for him for quite a while, but he’ll get it.

On Smith and RB C.J. Spiller taking kickoffs:

I definitely see both of them and some others in that role. It will be interesting to see how kickoff returns work out with the rule changes.

On being reunited with QB Tyler Thigpen:

It will help him. Being able to pick up and remember terminology is almost half the battle. I saw him earlier and he said he is starting to remember some of the things we did. He will be fine. He will be able to assimilate into the process a lot faster than some other quarterbacks would have.

On Thigpen’s strengths:

He is a productive player. He is a very good athlete and not just pocket guy. He can make some things happen with his feet. He is a great competitor and has a strong arm, which you need to have to play up here.

On Thigpen’s accuracy during their time together in Kansas City:

None of them are perfect out there. He is plenty accurate to do the job and I hope he is better. That was his first year even playing. I am hoping he is better now. It will take him some time to get accustomed to our receivers and the things we are doing. If that’s our biggest problem, I don’t think I’ll worry about anything.

On having mobile quarterbacks keeping game plans more consistent:

That is something Buddy (Nix) and I talk about. The more similar you can keep quarterbacks; you don’t have to have different game plans for different people. That is a real advantage for us as an offense. Maybe this year, more so than any other year, that’s an advantage.

On Dominic Cook being injured during conditioning:

When I walked off the field, they said everything was going to be fine. I have not heard anything different.

On Smith being used in training camp:

He will take some snaps at quarterback and receiver. He will do some different things.

On the changes to the number of quarterbacks that can dress during the season:

You can dress two. You don’t have to declare a third quarterback. You have 46 players to place wherever you want. It is an advantage with a guy like Brad Smith. He can come in and out. He can go in and play, and come out. You don’t have to re-designate someone else. In my opinion, it is good for teams to have a guy like that.

On players reporting and passing their physicals:

We had to put two players on PUP for a short period of time. I don’t how long they’ll be out. We will wait to see until they get well. The players are Reggie Corner and Cordaro Howard. They are in the process of rehabbing. They are fine, but it is going to take them a little bit longer to get ready for practice.

On CB Drayton Florence:

In this league, you better have three quality corners. With the addition of him, it gives us three quality corners that can go out and play on a weekly basis. If Aaron (Williams) comes in and does what we think he can do, it gives us more depth. We have a chance to be very solid at that position.

On getting rookie DL Marcell Dareus signed early:

Draft picks have to sign to even be able to come to training camp. For him to be in the meetings, hear everything that’s being said and be in the walk-thrus tomorrow is huge.

On seeing Dareus in shorts and a tee shirt on the field:

We look bigger on the field. We need to play bigger, but we look bigger.

On the center position:

Eric Wood and Geoff (Hangartner) will both be at center. It’s an opportunity for us to find out who the best players we have are. My responsibility is to play the best guys that help us win. We think we have some guys that can play guard and they need to play. They need to see if they can compete and do the job.

On the inside linebacker position:

Reggie Torbor and Andra Davis will be inside for us to start with. They are both experienced guys who have done it. Those young guys will come in and compete and learn as much as they can as fast as they can. We’ll see where that takes us. Both of those guys have played in games and played as winners. There is no need to push the panic button. We have solid players there that can help us win. They are also great leaders. We are fine.

On the competition at receiver:

That will be as good a competition as there is on our field this year. There are a lot of good veteran and young players. It is going to be an interesting time for the next month-and-a-half to see where this leads us.

On undrafted free agents being victimized by the short schedule:

They can be, but everyone that is like them is in the same boat. I tell them that when they get the opportunity to play that they aren’t just trying to make this team, but 31 other teams, too. Everybody watches the tape. We have a responsibility to teach them as much as we can, so they can go out on the field and play. We need to find out if they can help us. If they can’t play for us, they need to show if they can go play for someone else. They need to keep that in mind by playing hard, and not counting numbers and depth charts.

On how much Dareus will help the defense:

I hope tremendously. That’s why we drafted him. He is a big, strong, quick, fast young man that plays with a bit of an edge. That’s what we need on this football team. Not just at his position, but at every position. I think he’s going to help us a lot. I expect him to.

On the roster that’s been assembled since the season ended:

Buddy (Nix) and I talk about this on a regular basis. We talk about what helps our football team. We feel we have upgraded our football team since the end of last year. That’s what you try to do; upgrade your football team every opportunity you get. From last year to this year, we think we have taken the steps to get that done. The one thing I noticed walking on the field today is that we look bigger. I don’t know if we’re stronger because I haven’t seen the players in the weight room. We are bigger and hopefully that translates into being stronger, more physical and harder to push around.