Catholic Charities 2011 Appeal Exceeds Goal

July 20, 2011 Updated Oct 18, 2013 at 12:19 PM EDT

By Jesse Osborne


Catholic Charities 2011 Appeal Exceeds Goal

July 20, 2011 Updated Oct 18, 2013 at 12:19 PM EDT

Buffalo, N.Y. (WKBW release) -- Catholic Charities of Buffalo officials announced Wednesday that its 2011 Appeal exceeded its $10.5 million goal.

Cash and pledges received by the June 30 deadline totaled $10,601,157.94.

"Our June 30 total has met and exceeded our $10.5 million goal. For this wonderful achievement and on behalf of the people in need across our Diocese served by Catholic Charities, we thank the people of Western New York for putting us over goal this year," said Bishop Edward U. Kmiec, bishop of Buffalo.

This is the first year the annual Appeal has exceeded its goal since
2007 when that year's $11 million goal was topped by $15,000.

"I asked for your prayers for this campaign, particularly at the close of our Appeal Week in April, and I am certain that your great faith and petitions on our behalf surely helped to see this campaign through to a successful conclusion. I encourage your continued prayers as Catholic Charities continues its work, advancing Christ's mission to minister to those in need throughout our diocese," Bishop Kmiec added.

The theme for this year's Appeal was, "Whoever. Wherever.

Sister Mary McCarrick, Catholic Charities diocesan director, talked
about the full engagement of the volunteers and donors in the final

"During the weeks leading to the close of the Appeal, we continued to
reach out to donors through our parishes and volunteers, who worked
diligently and unselfishly to spread the mission of Catholic Charities,"
McCarrick said. "We shared with them client stories of hope and
success with a reminder that their efforts could generate similar
outcomes for others. Our announcement today is proof of your positive response."

2011 Appeal Chair Greg Maher, a five-year member of the Appeal
leadership team, also extended recognition to the parish volunteers for their work.

"This year's success would not have been possible without the efforts of our more than 750 volunteers who committed themselves to this worthy cause," said Maher. "In fact, through their perseverance, 92 of the 184 parishes and campus ministries of the Diocese went over their 2010 totals - and by an average of nearly 7 percent at that."

Maher added, "Reflecting on this journey, back to January when we first announced this campaign, what a ride it has been! I am truly humbled that even in these challenging economic times, the people of this great community never lost sight of the individuals we serve and the positive impact they were making in the lives of those in need by donating to the Appeal."