Carl Paladino Orchestrates Media Blitz

October 7, 2010 Updated Oct 7, 2010 at 7:16 PM EDT

By Laura Gray

October 7, 2010 Updated Oct 7, 2010 at 7:16 PM EDT

Buffalo, NY(WKBW) -- Republican candidate Carl Paladino starting his three minute paid advertisement by defending his confrontation with NY Post reporter Fred Dicker, claiming the New York Post photographed his 10 year old daughter. He also says the media harassed him about his affair, but has not done the same to his opponent, Democrat Andrew Cuomo.
Paladino demands a debate with democratic candidate Andrew Cuomo in the advertisement, which aired at 5:13pm on all three Buffalo network affiliates. Telling him, "Come out and debate like a man."
Campaign Chair woman Nancy Naples ends the ad pleading with the public for campaign donations. The commercial, which was available to affiliates all over New York state, cost at least 15-thousand dollars, according to our sources.
So was it a good move for the controversial Buffalo business man? Our political analyst Bob Davis says Paladino was successful in getting a buzz about him, and he predicts Paladino will get contributions from his base here in Western New York.

Cuomo Campaign Spokesperson Josh Vlasto released the following statement responding to Carl Paladino's remarks this evening:

"Carl Paladino and his handlers can't con New Yorkers. They have seen the real Carl and they know he is unfit to be Governor with his unstable outbursts, smears, and total lack of substance. New Yorkers don't need his dysfunctional personality in Albany - Albany is dysfunctional enough As we all know by now, Carl has a casual relationship with the truth. We have accepted a debate hosted by Newsday featuring all candidates, as requested by Carl, and it is Carl who has thus far declined. Just when you thought he couldn't get any lower, Carl once again debased himself and the entire political process."

Carl Paladino has since responded saying he will debate Andrew Cuomo as well as the other candidates for NYS Governor. The debate is scheduled for October 18th.