Car Lovers Unite For The 2011 Buffalo Auto Show

February 8, 2011 Updated Feb 8, 2011 at 1:33 PM EDT

By Jaclyn Asztalos

February 8, 2011 Updated Feb 8, 2011 at 1:33 PM EDT

It's that time a year again for the 108th Buffalo Auto Show.

There is a lot that goes into preparing for the big show including making the cars appealing to everyone who walks through the door.

Kim Feigum with NDI Group Inc., an automotive management group, is in charge of making the cars nearly irresistible to all those attending the 2011 Buffalo Auto Show.

"Getting the paint to a show sparkling level we have to wipe it down, then use a wax compound and a special cleaner to maintain it during the show," Feigum said.

She said it's the sharp look of the car that can make all the difference when trying to sell a vehicle.

"It really attracts them the shininess and they are attracted to certain colors," Feigum said.

Director of the Buffalo Auto Show Trey Barrett said the main goal of the show is get people out to look at these sparkling vehicles, then into the dealerships to buy.

"That translates into a lot of traffic in dealers show rooms and increased sales," Barrett said.

The auto show will feature 85 dealers with more than 300 brand new cars.

"It is the newest cars on the road today whether you're into safety, efficiency, moving six to eight people, sports cars," Barrett said.

But it's not business at the auto show. People can just come to look and have little fun.

"You have others that just like automobiles a lot of people in our community work in this industry and people are just car nuts," Barrett said.

So if you are looking to buy or just want to enjoy the look of a shiny new car, the auto show is the place to be from Wednesday until Sunday. The tickets are eight dollars.

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