Buffalo Sees 48th Homicide, Despite Violence Prevention Efforts

October 13, 2010 Updated Oct 13, 2010 at 11:43 PM EDT

By WKBW News

October 13, 2010 Updated Oct 13, 2010 at 11:43 PM EDT


Hundreds of people were taking part in a prayer service Wednesday evening, the latest campaign from community activists to stop the violence in the city, but as the service was going on a homicide took place less than five minutes away from the rally.

As the third "Enough is Enough" prayer service and campaign for peace got underway Wednesday night, police were racing to the scene of the city's latest homicide this year. It was news the peace crowd at the rally did not want to hear.

"As we all sat here listening to these dynamic speakers, I got the sad news of the 48th homicide in the City of Buffalo," said Mayor Byron Brown, who was a guest speaker at the rally.

It was an apparent drive-by shooting that happened around 5:30 Wednesday evening on the 200-block of Mulberry Street in the city's Fruit-Belt district. Investigators believe a 20-year-old Buffalo man was shot and killed while standing outside. A nearby city surveillance camera helped police find the suspected vehicle used in the shooting.

Mayor Brown telling a group of frustrated community members, it is going to take a lot more than good detective work to put a stop the killing.

"Yeah, we put all kinds of police initiatives in place, we put more police on the streets, but it starts with god, it starts in our hearts, it starts in our homes, and we can change this if we want to," said Mayor Brown.

Organizers of the peace campaign also trying to break-down the "code of silence" mentality that is sweeping the community, making it harder for police to solve these crimes.

"If you know it tell it, if you know it tell it! But you can not wait until it's your son, your daughter, and then you want the world to flip over but when you had the chance to tell it you didn't," pleaded Pastor Darius Pridgen of True Bethel Baptist Church.

The name of the victim of this latest homicide has not yet been released. Police are asking anyone with information to call or text the Buffalo Police Confidential Tip Line at 716-847-2255.