Buffalo Schools' Deputy Superintendent Gets Golden Parachute

June 15, 2011 Updated Jun 15, 2011 at 11:29 PM EDT

By Kendra Eaglin

June 15, 2011 Updated Jun 15, 2011 at 11:29 PM EDT

Buffalo, NY

Buffalo Public Schools Deputy Superintendent Dr. Folasade Oladele may be stepping down at the end of this month but she is walking away with a deal of a lifetime. And it is a deal that has many angry, including prominent Buffalo business man and outspoken critic of the school board, Carl Paladino.

"That is the most asinine idiocy that I've ever heard," stated Paladino.

Oladele is getting twelve months pay plus benefits totaling $168,000 even though her contract only guarantees her three months of pay if her job is terminated early. According to board president Ralph Hernandez, the special arrangement was made directly between superintendent James Williams and Oladele who Williams appointed to the position in July, 2009.

"What business does the does the superintendent have negotiating with her to pay her a one year paycheck and make a gift to her above that obligated by the contract with the board of education," said Paladino.

"There's a lot of people out there very angry over the way this went down i sympathize with that i understand it 100 percent they don't know all the circumstances surrounding the situation and the issue and how it developed," said Ralph Hernandez, President of the Buffalo Board of Education.

Board members stopped short of explaining those details saying the information is a confidential personnel issue.

But accusations are flying, Paladino accuses Oladele of committing multiple improper actions related to grants and other items,

"She's been part of a corruption and she is leaving because she is feeling the heat. She's leaving because she knows we've got some information on her."

"The arrangement was brought to us, we had a lengthy discussion about it and again I'm on record last week of voting against what was proposed to the board," said Chris Jacobs, Buffalo School Board Member-at-Large.

President of the school board Ralph Hernandez says they did receive complaints from the public and the board about Oladele but he wouldn't comment any further.

Dr. Williams refused to comment on the issue.