Buffalo School Board Reaches Unanimous Decision

November 21, 2013 Updated Nov 21, 2013 at 8:24 AM EDT

By WKBW News

November 21, 2013 Updated Nov 21, 2013 at 8:24 AM EDT

Buffalo (WKBW):

At-large board member John Licata called a special meeting Thursday night, asking members to vote on a resolution for the situation that's plagued the board week after week. Carl Paladino refuses to shy away from his request to get rid of President Barbara Nevergold and now, board members decided to call in reinforcements.

The group reached their first unanimous decision in a long time. Board members voted to hire attorneys from Hodgson Russ for President Barbara Nevergold.

Board President Nevergold became the center of controversy when Carl Paladino filed a motion for Nevergold to step down. He cited many reasons as to why she should go, including her inability to conduct a meeting with decorum. He said that Nevergold allowed members to verbally attack him at a past session.

Board members shot down his proposal twice, standing behind their Nevergold, but Paladino doesn't plan to back down anytime soon. He recently petitioned the State Education Commissioner John King to have her removed from office, claiming she was never elected in the first place.

"I do believe that Dr. Nevergold did not intentionally not run, but I also believe that she is illegally sitting in this seat right now, and for that, she's entitled to legal representation," said Paladino.

Board members will not meet again until December due to the Thanksgiving holiday. In the meantime, they'll wait until they get final word from State Education Commissioner John King.