Arrest Renews Plea For Help

August 20, 2010 Updated Aug 21, 2010 at 3:44 PM EDT

By WKBW News


Arrest Renews Plea For Help

August 20, 2010 Updated Aug 21, 2010 at 3:44 PM EDT

Buffalo, N.Y. (WKBW-TV) A 25 year old man was arrested by Buffalo Police Thursday night. He was charged with burglary and kidnapping, accused of breaking into a home on Northland Avenue in Buffalo, and holding a woman and her three children against their will.

Media reports are claim this is a person of interest in the shootings last week on Main Street which left 4 people dead, and injured 4 others.

Buffalo police are not confirming that.

But in a rare move, Police have asked that media outlets not broadcast his mugshot, which does not happen very often, and is only fueling speculation that he may somehow be wanted for questioning in other cases.

Neighbors say officers "swarmed" the dwelling Thursday night where the arrest took place, "storming in" and taking the man into custody.

It is unclear why he was in that apartment, but according to the charges he faces, the residents-- a mother and her three children-- did not want him there, leading to his arrest.

Neighbors at the apartment where the man arrested lived tell us he lives with an unknown person, and they confirmed that police had been to the apartment in the past. But they knew little about him.

We contacted Buffalo Police about this arrest, and in response, they released the following statement:

Public Statement
Chief of Detectives, Dennis J. Richards
Buffalo Police Department
August 20, 2010

"The Buffalo Police Department investigates every homicide to the fullest extent possible, and makes arrests when there is enough evidence and information from eyewitnesses and other individuals who have intimate knowledge of the crimes involved.

We need witnesses who are willing to come forward, and make statements to detectives and identify the perpetrators in each and every case. The assistance from the community will enable us to effect arrests, and bring the persons responsible for these heinous acts to justice.

While we continue to make our plea known to the hundred-plus people who were part of the Main Street incident to please exercise the courage to come forward and contact the police and help us solve this case, it is time to remind the media that we need your help, as well as the public assistance.

There are serious consequences to releasing inaccurate or false information-for that matter information that comes from unnamed sources. It is hurtful to the success of the investigation and may cause harm at future court proceedings.

We have asked before and we will ask again, for the media to have the restraint to not show pictures of potential witnesses, persons of interest or suspects.

We ask this because the integrity of the investigation needs to remain intact, and that the potential leaks of misinformation and pictures of people in the media will potentially harm a court case perhaps weeks and months from now.

That being said, we continue to make progress in the Main Street investigation."

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