New Crematory Site, Still Not Good Enough

November 1, 2012 Updated Nov 1, 2012 at 11:42 PM EDT

By WKBW News
By Kendra Eaglin

November 1, 2012 Updated Nov 1, 2012 at 11:42 PM EDT

Tonawanda, NY

he New York State Attorney General ordered the Amigone Funeral Home operating their crematory at 2600 Sheridan Drive in Tonawanda to find a new location away from homes..

The $100,000 cremation machine has been the source of irritation for dozens of Tonawanda residents for decades.

We've been prisoners of our own home we have not been able to go outside and enjoy our yard because the smell of human flesh is not pleasant, the smoke is horrible, and the noise is terrible," said Ron Labuda who lives near the crematory.

"It's disgusting. It is a foul smell," added neighbor William Pilkington.

Another neighbor, Carrie McHugh had this to say,"I have obvious health concerns with what's coming out of there. I have a three year old and I have a baby on the way."

The crematory machine at the funeral home on Sheridan Drive has been shut down. It used to cremate about 500 bodies a year, but not this year. The state attorney general ordered the company to stop using it in late July because of resident's complaints.

Amigone was ordered to find a new location for the crematory that is away from residential neighborhoods. But the company hit another road block.

The new location they found on Cooper Avenue is zoned for light manufacturing but it's still close to some Tonawanda homes and a park.

"Why doesn't he put it in his backyard," suggested Labuda.

After receiving even more complaints about the proposed location Amigone decided to withdraw its request for the Cooper Avenue property.

"We have thousands of people per week come in here that have never walked in saying that they smell see, felt anything from it. They didn't even know it's here," said Vincent J. Amigone, CEO of Amigone Funeral Homes about the crematory at the Sheridan Drive location.

Amigone has until January 22,2013 to find a suitable new location. Another option the company has is to pay a consultant to recommend changes to the existing facility that will address the residents concerns.