4 Year Old Helps Save Granny

August 27, 2011 Updated Aug 27, 2011 at 8:55 PM EDT

By WKBW News
By By Kendra Eaglin

August 27, 2011 Updated Aug 27, 2011 at 8:55 PM EDT

Buffalo, NY

Four year old Shanya Williams does not talk much to the cameras, but when it was a matter of life and death for her great grandmother last Saturday, Shanya did all the talking.

"I called 911," said Williams quietly while demonstrating on the phone. Initially, dispatchers thought the little girl was playing on the phone but it was no joke.

"She held true to her story and said, 'No I'm not playing my grandmother can't breathe'," said Denise Alston, Shanya's great aunt.

Shanya's 84 year old great grandmother passed out in the living room chair after doing yard work outside.

"When I sat down and I relaxed, that's when I just must've just went out," said Jannie Alston, Shanya's great grandmother.

Paramedics rushed Jannie to the hospital where she stayed for the next five days. Doctors believe she may have suffered a seizure or stroke and found lesions on her brain.

But there was an even a bigger surprise for Jannie after she returned home, "I really didn't know that she even knew how to dial 9-1-1," explained Jannie.

That's where Shanya's great aunt comes in. Denise Alston enrolled Shanya in Mayor Byron Brown's summer reading challenge after receiving a flyer at the Universal Soul Circus.

"One of the books was the lion and the mouse,"

It was that book that taught Shanya you're never too small to help. Her aunt used the story to teach Shanya how to dial 911 never thinking an emergency was around the corner.

The lesson paid off and now with tearful kisses the family is back together. But not before grandma made good on her promise when she got out of the hospital.

"I told her that I was going to buy her a pair of sneakers cuz she love sneakers," said Jannie.

More than 1300 students will receive certificates and prizes for completing Mayor Brown's summer reading challenge at a ceremony Saturday at the Buffalo Convention Center beginning at 9:30 am.

Shanya will receive a surprise special recognition from the mayor at the ceremony.