3407 Families Back in Buffalo

February 14, 2013 Updated Oct 31, 2013 at 1:26 AM EDT

By Kendra Eaglin


3407 Families Back in Buffalo

February 14, 2013 Updated Oct 31, 2013 at 1:26 AM EDT


After pounding the pavement in Washington D.C. for two days, knocking on doors to get support from anyone who would listen the 3407 family group feels this most recent trip was a success.

"There were 50 of us and we split into groups and we wanted to cover as much of the House and Senate as possible and just hand out flyers with our loved one's picture and putting a face to the name and just talking to them about needing their support," said Jennifer West, who lost her husband in the plane crash.

Many of these family members have made this trip dozens of times over the past four years but for Laura Voigt it was a first. Her sister, Elly Kausner was killed in the plane crash.

Voigt says this trip made it crystal clear to her that the airlines are fighting these rule changes because it's going to cost them more money to operate.

"It's a debate right now whether its cost effective to make planes safer to fly," said Voigt.

Two and half years ago this group managed to get Congress to approve new airline safety regulations despite the lobbying against them.

There's been a lot of delay and the majority of these new laws have yet to be implemented. But on this trip some real progress, a letter from the FAA saying it expects to implement new flight crew training rules by August and tougher pilot qualification rules by October.

The families will continue to make trips to Washington D.C. over the next several months to make sure that the deadlines outlined in the FAA letter are met.