Local Lawmakers Against Quasar’s Waste Fertilizer Plan

April 10, 2014 Updated Apr 10, 2014 at 6:32 PM EDT

By Hannah Buehler

April 10, 2014 Updated Apr 10, 2014 at 6:32 PM EDT

WHEATFIELD, NY (WKBW) The Ohio-based company Quasar Energy Group has sparked local controversy regarding a proposed fertilizer that contains sewage sludge.

The company, which operates a plant in Wheatfield, wants to store the “equate” fertilizer behind the plant. The proposal has local lawmakers and residents in the Wheatfield area outraged.

“Senator Maziarz and myself have drafted a letter to the DEC asking Commissioner Martins to stop this,” said New York State Assemblyman John Ceretto. “Stop Quasar from distributing any “equate” fertilizer on our farmlands.”

Quasar has held informational meetings for lawmakers and the community, hoping they better understand the issue. The company says that the substance is highly treated, natural and one hundred percent safe.

“We’re producing a quality product that is highly regulated and is absolutely safe,” said Nate Carr of Quasar Energy Group. “It is regulated by the DEC, the U.S. EPA, and is deemed to be safe. It is also not new.”

Quasar says that although the company respects the concerns of those opposed, they just don’t simply have the facts.

The company says it will continue to hold informational meetings and sessions to help residents and the community learn more about their product.