20th Anniversary of Bills Great Comeback

January 3, 2013 Updated Jan 3, 2013 at 7:50 PM EDT

By Ed Reilly

January 3, 2013 Updated Jan 3, 2013 at 7:50 PM EDT

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WKBW) On January 3, 1993, the Buffalo Bills were hosting the Houston Oilers in an AFC Wildcard Playoff game at Rich Stadium (Now called Ralph Wilson Stadium).

While the Bills were two-time defending AFC champs, the Oilers led by quarterback Warren Moon had taken a commanding 32-point lead over the Bills in the 3rd quarter.

"All I really said to the players was, 'fellas, you are two-time AFC defending champions. When you walk off the field 30-minutes from now, don't let anyone ever say that you quit - that you laid down'," said Hall of Fame Coach Marv Levy.

"The fans were frustrated. We were frustrated. It was insurmountable definitely, but if anybody could do it, we had the guys to do it," added former All-Pro Bills receiver Andre Reed.

With the Bills losing badly 35-3, many fans headed for the exits.

"You are thinking we're still in the game. The next moment, the next play. What are we going to do? I knew we hadn't quit," added Coach Levy.

Suprisingly, one of the turning points of the game was actually a mistake.

In the third quarter, Steve Christie was kicking off after a scoring run by Kenny Davis.

To the fans, it looked like an onside kick that the Bills recovered, but not so says Marv Levy.

"No, it was not supposed to be an onside kick. We were going to kick deep. Steve Christie hit the ball a little higher than he wanted to hit it and it was a line-drive that hit the chest of one of their front five guys, bounced off, and with everybody diving, and the melee was over, Steve Christie had recovered"

After that, the Buffalo Bills came charging back to eventually take the lead 38-35 with only minutes to go in the game.

The Oilers would tie the game with just seconds left in regulation.

By this point, many fans who had left earlier had come back, even climbing over fences, to get into the stadium.

In overtime, Steve Christie kicked the game winning field goal giving the Bills a 41-38 victory.

"Well, the ball is kicked. It is in the air and through the goal posts. You look around - no flags. Wow! Ok, now your emotions really erupt," commented Levy.

"It was like no other game that I ever played," added Andre Reed.

After the win, fans raced onto the field to celebrate with the players.

The Buffalo Bills 1993 overtime win is still recorded as the largest comeback in the history of the National Football League.