The Daily Glimpse

May 9, 2011 Updated May 9, 2011 at 3:36 PM EDT

By WKBW News

May 9, 2011 Updated May 9, 2011 at 3:36 PM EDT

In an effort to give viewers a better feel of what goes on in the sports department here at WKBW-TV .. I have decided to make "The Daily Glimpse" a big part of my blog here on

I plan to use the "Glimpse" to tell folks what we are working on and basically just give you a behind the scenes look at what goes in to putting together a sportscast.

Let's get started...

What a difference a couple of weeks make. The sun is out, with more to come this week. It finally feels like Spring has officially begun here in Western New York. And there is a different feel in the Sports Department.

It was just two weeks ago when we were running around like crazy back here. The Sabres had let one slip away against the Flyers in game six at home.. so Shawn was off to Philadelphia for game 7.. and we were busy getting ready for the NFL Draft. Our coverage of what proved to be a big draft for the Bills included a half-hour "Pre" Draft special, and a half-hour "Post" Draft special. We had our hands full in what was a very busy, but exciting week of sports here locally.

Jump ahead to today. The Sabres are done for the year. Players have scattered across the country, and beyond, for the off-season. The Bills have finished what I believe was a successful draft, but now Football has also screeched to a stop. The current NFL lockout does not allow teams to have any contact with any of their new rookies.. or any player for that matter. That means no workouts, no contract talks... nothing. Normally we would be covering a Rookie camp this week. Not this year.

The extra time allows us to focus on other staples of spring here in Western New york. Shawn is over at Coca-Cola field this afternoon... tracking down Bisons new manager Tim Teufel. The Herd is 13-18 to start the season.. we will have his thoughts at 6pm.

The nice weather has also dried up the local fields for a variety of High School athletics. Lancaster is visiting Orchard Park in baseball and softball today. We will have highlights from both of those games on our newscasts tonight.

While Shawn is out gathering video and interviews this afternoon. I will put in the rundown for our 5 and 6pm shows. I will then dive into writing my scripts, before editing the video for the final product which you will see on EWN tonight.

There is your first "Glimpse".. many more to come.
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Off to put the shows together.