Keith Radford

Buffalo's most senior Anchorman, on the air continuously at Eyewitness News now for 23 years.

Keith began his career in the news business in 1971 at CKLW-TV and Radio in Detroit/Windsor, his hometown. After stints in Detroit, Ottawa, Toronto and Salt Lake City he arrived at WKBW-TV to Anchor Eyewitness News at 5 and within a few years was Anchoring at 6 and 11 as well.

"I can't believe how time has flown by, it seems like just yesterday when i arrived in the Queen City and it felt like home from day one"

Keith has travelled the world to bring Western New Yorkers the news that affects them for decades now. Most notably, with the troops during the Iraq war, Hurricane releif efforts in the Carribean, the political conventions from coast to coast and in Los Angeles from the very beginning of the O J Simpson story. Keith and his wife Linda, along with their dog "Frankie", live in the Village of Lewiston, with three of their four children now grown and the youngest finishing college in Washington DC.

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I just returned from a nice event in Detroit/Windsor the other night. St. Clair College held a tribute dinner to honor the one and only Rosalie Trombley. Who is she, you might ask? Well she happens to be the lady with the "Golden Ears".
Before the Internet and when FM radio was only just beginning, recording artists couldn't even dream of having a hit record unless their song was actually played on the radio. Can you believe it?!
Of all the top-40 AM stations in North America, none was bigger than CKLW in the Windsor/Detroit market. A 50,000 watt monster at 800 on the dial. In the 1960's, 70's and 80's, "The Big 8", as it was known, launched the careers of many an artist, simply because Rosalie decided to play their records. She was the Music Director and once she put a song on the "play-list", it was pretty much guaranteed to be a hit.
Tony Orlando showed up in person at the dinner, to thank Rosalie for taking a chance on a song he did entitled, "Tie A Yellow Ribbon". There was a wonderful video tribute featuring personal thank yous from Paul Anka, Smokey Robinson, Randy Bachman, Burton Cummings, the members of Chicago and so many others.
It was a glorious night and I consider myself so lucky to have worked at CKLW during my radio days. It is even more special to have been a good friend of Rosalie for 40 years now.
I just want to say at the start, that I am not a "girlie man". Ok then, I'll tell you about my bunnies.

Channel 7's studios are located right downtown here in Buffalo. Every evening when I come back from my dinner break, about 8 or so, the rabbit's come out onto our grass and eat the clover. We've had rabbit's living in the bushes down here for years. This year there are two little babies.

I go out and see them at dusk each night, and, don't laugh, I actually talk to them. They seem to like it and don't pay much attention to me no matter how close I get to them.

Anyway, I really like these rabbits so last night I went over to Tops and bought them some carrots and lettuce. I came back and spread the food around the grass for them and then waited. Sure enough they came out and began to eat. Can you believe they completely ignored the lettuce and carrots!

After I drove over there and spent my hard earned money on them! They just kept eating the grass. Someone told me they like Oatmeal so maybe I will try that next. Oh, the pest control people are coming tomorrow. How did I know that "rats" just love carrots and lettuce.
I can't believe it was forty years ago next month when I began my first job in the radio-tv business. I was a studio cameraman on the Bozo the Clown Show in Detroit. Anyway, over all those years I thought I had seen and done just about everything. I was wrong.
The other night I was sitting at my desk here in the newsroom, typing out a story on the computer, when all of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw something move. I paid no attention. A few seconds later I saw it again. He came out from behind my desk phone, ran across the desktop and then ran all the way up my right arm! It was a big ball of fur with a long tail. I haven't moved that fast since Tiny Tim asked me out on a date a few years ago at the Erie County Fair! It all happened pretty quickly, but for one brief moment his beady little eyeballs locked onto mine. I think we connected somehow. I feel kind of bad now, after I told the maintenance people. They wanted to rent a "Flame Thrower", I said I thought a few traps would suffice.
I hope this doesn't make me sound "cheap", but I'm going public with my "soap" thing. For some reason I get great delight in using every single bit of every single bar of soap I have ever owned. When the soap is almost done, I get out a new one and run them both under the hot water. Then I very carefully squeeze them together and very carefully put the "combined" bar into the soap dish. I have to make sure that I am the next one to use the shower, because if not, the next person always handles the soap too much and the two pieces come apart. You have to be very careful for the next few uses, to make sure you are gentle with this newly created item, otherwise it will fall apart. After a couple of showers you're in business! During these tough economic times I feel it is the least i can do! I have a big tin of all those "hotel" soaps in my bathroom. They're very good to meld together as well, but, you have to make sure the old and the new are similar in size and shape, otherwise they look funny! I haven't had to buy any new soap in years! I kind of feel like that "Heloise" woman with all the household tips. Do you think i might have a problem?
It's that time of the year once again, getting those gardens ready, spending all that time for something that's going to last for about two months!
As usual, I made the trek to the store and loaded up with another 15 bags of Mulch. Now here's what I don't understand. I've been putting 15 bags of Mulch into those gardens now for years. So, where the heck is it all going?! How can it just disappear like that. You would think it would stick around for a couple of years at least. How much Mulch can one garden swallow?
I think it's all a big racket. They purposely make Mulch that they know will vaporize within 12 months! Just so I have to keep going back to the store and buying more! I'm beginning to think that the rabbit's are not only eating all the plants and flowers, but they're eating the Mulch too!
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