Keith Radford

Buffalo's most senior Anchorman, on the air continuously at Eyewitness News now for 23 years.

Keith began his career in the news business in 1971 at CKLW-TV and Radio in Detroit/Windsor, his hometown. After stints in Detroit, Ottawa, Toronto and Salt Lake City he arrived at WKBW-TV to Anchor Eyewitness News at 5 and within a few years was Anchoring at 6 and 11 as well.

"I can't believe how time has flown by, it seems like just yesterday when i arrived in the Queen City and it felt like home from day one"

Keith has travelled the world to bring Western New Yorkers the news that affects them for decades now. Most notably, with the troops during the Iraq war, Hurricane releif efforts in the Carribean, the political conventions from coast to coast and in Los Angeles from the very beginning of the O J Simpson story. Keith and his wife Linda, along with their dog "Frankie", live in the Village of Lewiston, with three of their four children now grown and the youngest finishing college in Washington DC.

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If you have lived in Western New York for any length of time you certainly will remember "Irv, Rick & Tom". Irv Weinstein, Rick Azar and Tom Jolls made up the Eyewitness News Anchor team at Channel 7 for more than three decades. Tom was the last to retire, just a few months after Irv in 1999. Rick actually left the station ten years before that. Anyway, I still have all kinds of people who come up to me and ask where they are and how they are doing. So, here's an update for you.

Irv and his wife Elaine lived in Kenmore for all their years here in Western New York, and soon after retirement, they sold their home and moved to Irvine, California. Why Irvine, you might ask? Well, Irv's daughter Beth just happened to be the mayor of that city, and now she is running for United States Congress. The Weinstein's still come back to the Buffalo area each summer for a few weeks. They especially love staying in Ellicottville.

Rick and his wife Edye, a Niagara Falls native, lived in Amherst for many years. Rick loves to golf so what better place to retire than the Carolinas. Rick was also doing a local radio show down there, and he began teaching at the local community college.

And finally, my old buddy Tom. "Commander Tom" (as we all knew him) and his wife Jan still reside here in the Southtowns in the summer months. They also have a great place in Friendship with lots of room to roam. But I think their favorite pastime has to be the annual trip to Southwest Florida for the winter months. That's where I usually see them these days. We like to sip pina coladas under the palm trees. Although Tom prefers his in a beer glass, and definitely, NO LITTLE UMBRELLA!
It's a good thing I like to work. I was never one to just lie around on the couch and watch TV. It seems there is always something to fix around the house, so I keep pretty busy doing that stuff.
Anyway, when I say i like to work, I am mainly talking about the job I have in downtown Buffalo, that I actually get paid for. I read the other day that the average American family is now paying about $15,000 a year for health insurance, or at least they are paying a portion of that amount with their employer paying the rest. If they are lucky enough to have an employer. Are you kidding me? Who could afford not to work anymore? As my car was being serviced at the dealer the other day I walked around the lot to kill some time. Just who is buying these $60,000 SUV's these days? My first house cost $38,000 in 1975! My $3.00 prescription co-pay a few years ago, is now $30.00. So as I watch my income keep going down and my expenses keep going up, I guess i will continue to work until I wake up dead one morning.
Since it is Mother's Day, I think it is appropriate to just say a word or two about my mother. She's 88 now and lives in a nursing home in suburban Toronto. I drove up there yesterday and took her out to dinner.

She doesn't really eat very much anymore, so it probably wasn't a good idea to take her to the "all you can eat" Imperial Palace Buffet. She had a few sips of her soup and finished it off with a lemon tart.
Anyway, if it weren't for my mother I could very well be in another business. When I was a teenager she dragged me down to the local radio station and pretty much brow-beat the manager into giving me a job.

I didn't have the nerve she did. She thought nothing of telling the man what a mistake it would be if he didn't hire me, because I had always wanted to be a disc-jockey. To make a long story short, I never did get to be a disc-jockey, but was hired as a fill-in TV cameraman on the Bozo the Clown Show. Some years later I made the move to on-air, after doing just about every technical job you could do in a radio and TV station.

So, thanks to my mother, I found my calling, and 40 years later I'm still doing it. I guess I must like it!

Thanks, Mom!
I remember about 23 years ago when my boss came to me one day and asked if I wouldn't mind working the night shift for a month. Just temporary, he said.
To make a long story short, that month turned into almost 24 years now. Anyway, working nights has always worked out well for me. It gives me time to do all those important things I have to do in the daytime. You know, cutting the grass, picking up the shirts at the cleaners, going to the bank and picking up prescriptions at the drug store. Among so many other things. How would I ever have time to do all that stuff if I worked days?
One drawback to working nights is that I usually have to eat out every night. I'm not a big "brown bagger". The usual spots are pretty exclusive, Arby's, MacDonald's, Burger King and various other establishments. Well tonight I decided I wanted a "real" meal for a change. Went to Betty's on Virginia street downtown. Very good! Meat Loaf. Came with a salad, mashed potatoes and green beans. And the best part was that someone else paid the bill! I should go to fancier places more often I think.
Why do mundane things take up so much of my time? My car needed an oil change and tires rotated, so I got up early the other day and headed for my local car dealer.

I had received a coupon in the mail for the work I needed done. $29.95 for the job. Not bad , I thought. Well, turns out I didn't read the fine print.

It seems the cost of the visit was actually $39.95, but then they give you an Internet website to call up and you can apply for the $10.00 rebate to make up the actual advertised difference. OK , simple enough. Oh no, not quite. It turns out you have to call up this website and then fill in a couple of pages of information. Then , after you've spent time doing that, you have to print out a copy of the rebate offer and add that to another copy of your actual bill from the dealer. Then, you have to bundle that all up and put it into an envelope and send it to some rebate office address.

At some point, provided I haven't made any mistakes in filling out all the forms, I will receive a VISA card in the mail, with $10.00 credit on it.
After all that work, I'm now laying in bed at night worried to death that I might have made a mistake on the forms somewhere and will be disqualified from the rebate altogether!

Shouldn't I have better things to worry about?
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