Keith Radford

Buffalo's most senior Anchorman, on the air continuously at Eyewitness News now for 23 years.

Keith began his career in the news business in 1971 at CKLW-TV and Radio in Detroit/Windsor, his hometown. After stints in Detroit, Ottawa, Toronto and Salt Lake City he arrived at WKBW-TV to Anchor Eyewitness News at 5 and within a few years was Anchoring at 6 and 11 as well.

"I can't believe how time has flown by, it seems like just yesterday when i arrived in the Queen City and it felt like home from day one"

Keith has travelled the world to bring Western New Yorkers the news that affects them for decades now. Most notably, with the troops during the Iraq war, Hurricane releif efforts in the Carribean, the political conventions from coast to coast and in Los Angeles from the very beginning of the O J Simpson story. Keith and his wife Linda, along with their dog "Frankie", live in the Village of Lewiston, with three of their four children now grown and the youngest finishing college in Washington DC.

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So nice to see all the people tonight at the Canal Fest parade in the Tonawandas!
I was fortunate last weekend to be able to spend some time with Jim Kelly in New York City. I've known him for 25 years but hadn't actually seen him in a while. It was moving to see how courageous he and his family are, as he begins the fight of his life. I am hoping with all my heart that he will beat this cancer and come back home to Western New York, ASAP. My thoughts and prayers are with Jim and his family right now. Hope you will keep them in your thoughts as well.
I suppose it had to happen sooner or later. I will admit I've been a bit more forgetful the last few years and now the evidence has been squarely planted before me. What happened you ask? I can hardly believe it myself. Came into work the other day just before 2 PM. There was a light rain. Jumped out of the car and came into the studio. Usually I go out for some dinner about 7 but on this night we had the Variety Telethon dinner at the hotel across the street so I just went out the back door and walked over. Came back to work and just before 11 PM I happened to look out the window into the parking lot and noticed my car lights were on. Strange, I thought. Must have hit the remote in my coat pocket by accident. I ran outside and as I came up to the car I could hear the engine was running. Yes, I never turned off the car and it sat in the lot running for 9 hours. Are you kidding me?! Who invented these new "push-button" on-off things? Making sure my next car has an actual key!
Have you seen those new "electronic" billboards that now line the Highways around Western New York? Worst idea ever for anyone who wants to actually read one. Every single time I go by one and see something I want to read, as soon as I focus on it, it's gone! Next thing you know you are long past it and so much for that. I can't believe advertisers actually pay to be on them. At the very least I hope they are only paying a fraction of what they used to pay, because that's all they are worth.
Remember that blog I wrote a few weeks ago about the guy at Wegmans who kept going up to the self-serve soup kiosk and never paid for it? Night after night after night. One of two things has happened. He either died or he read the blog! I haven't seen hide nor hair of him since the night I wrote it!
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