I Think I Did Something Good

February 10, 2011 Updated Feb 10, 2011 at 4:13 PM EDT

By WKBW News

February 10, 2011 Updated Feb 10, 2011 at 4:13 PM EDT

As we are all aware, it has been brutally cold here in Western New York this winter. If we humans are cold, imagine how some of our friends in the animal world feel.
Last Sunday, after reading the paper and having my coffee I did what I seem to do almost every other day now, pulled out the snow blower! As I went about my business I noticed a Blue Jay sitting under the bird feeder. Figured he would get out of the way when the snow began flying. He didn't. I buried him. I stopped and realized this little guy had a broken wing and could only hop around. No flying for him. Anyway he managed to get himself out and hop away. This went on all day. That night I got up at 3:30am and checked on him. There he was, sitting under the tree. Next day he continued the routine, he had plenty of bird seed to eat but as I drove home from work that night i knew it was going to get a lot colder. When i got home, there he was, huddled by my back door. What could I do?
Trying to make a long story short here. It was quite a sight. Me running around the back yard at one in the morning with a cardboard box, trying to get that pesky bird to jump in! I finally cornered him, put a towel over him and lifted him into the box. Took the little guy into the house and put him into an old cage i had. Don't tell Frankie, it was his when he was a baby. He was exhausted I think. Seemed to fall asleep almost immediately. I went to bed feeling a lot better knowing he was safe and warm.
Next morning I called the SPCA and was directed to a place called "Wild Kritters of Niagara County", in Sanborn. I put my buddy the Blue Jay into the car and drove him over to his new place. The lady there was very nice and promised me she would take good care of the boy, take him to the vet and get him the care he needed. I made a donation and felt pretty good after that. Still do actually. I hope my little friend gets a new lease on life now. Can you believe Blue Jays can live to 20 years! Just one more job left, have to clean up all the bird poop on the kitchen floor!