Linda Pellegrino

Linda has conducted thousands of live interviews with personalities ranging from the biggest Hollywood stars, to astronauts, world-famous doctors, experts, elected officials, and British royalty as the host of AM/BUFFALO - weekdays at 10am on Channel 7 - for 20 years!

For her outstanding work on Eyewitness News and AM Buffalo, Linda was nominated twice for New York State Emmy Awards. Besides doing voice-overs for many national TV and radio commercial spots, Linda contributes her professional talents to various local shows produced by Buffalo's Catholic Diocese, for which she won a Gabriel award for her narration in a video entitled: The Snowman Knows. Outside of the TV station, Linda leads a very active life in the community. She has served as Honorary Chairperson for the physically and emotionally challenged at Buffalo's Heritage Centers, assisting the Olmsted Parks, and Variety Club Telethon fundraisers.

For her good work in the community over the years, and for serving as a positive role model, Linda was voted Italian-American of the Year in 2000 by the Italian-American Society of Western New York

Hi again! Let me tell you first that our trip to Paris was glorious and I was SO GLAD not to have chemo before I left. I would have been sick while I was there and Paris was just too magical to miss a single minute of it. Our viewers enjoyed sunny days with temps in the 70's and 80's..with Monet's Gardens in full spring bloom! However, only 12 hours after touchdown, my number was up. Report to the hospital for the port, to be followed immediately by chemo number 1. That day was ok. The next day wasn't bad. However by day 3, did someone get the number of that bus that ran me over? The unwellness kinda creeps up on you. Let's face it, the chemo chemicals are a poison that affects every cell of your body so your body reacts in waves. Now 4 days after, I still eat tiny meals, and I think my immune system has been affected. Blisters I had in France are back. Can't brush your teeth vigorously, or even scratch an itch for fear it turns into something worse. I can hardly remember the weekend but the only good thing about the next dose is that it will mean I'm halfway done. Today is better than yesterday. I got through the whole show today! Here's hoping that tomorrow will be better still! xxme
Hi Everyone..long time, no write! I took a quick trip to New Jersey last week to visit the folks. It was still warm enough down there to go the beach..but luckily, no sightings of the Jersey Shore bunch.
Can't believe how the leaves are changing already! It seems like it's literally happening overnight. I also want to remind everyone that on Friday, we have Bills alumni player Conrad Dobler on the show..(new book) AND a representative from Holiday Vacations to talk about the upcoming trip to Paris in April. We already have over 10 people signed up to go! We have meetings planned for anyone who is interested on October 11 and 12th at two local hotels. E-Mail me, call, or call Holiday Vacations toll free (1-800-826-2266) for locations. Considering it's still only September..this trip is filling up fast! Don't miss out, it's going to be spectacular!
Starting to decorate a bit for autumn at home and you'll notice the AM BUFFALO set beginning to change as well. The one thing I can't get used to are the days getting a little shorter already! Bernie (our dog) is starting to miss those late walks--it's too dark!
What does everyone think of Trent Edwards playing for Jacksonville? --I say "start him!" it's our best chance of victory! ..Speaking of the bills, they honor Booker Edgerson at halftime this weekend..his name goes up on the wall. We hope to have him as a guest on Monday along with author and sports columnist Sal Maiorana stay tuned...ME
We are just a couple of days away from our wonderful "April in Paris" trip with Holiday Vacations. 30 viewers will be traveling with us! These trips are always so lovely, we have friends who have come 2 and 3 times because they like the value and the pace. I'll let you know if there is another destination in the near future!
Things will be busy for me when we return too. Twelve hours after we land, I report to Millard Fillmore Suburban for a medi-port implant. That will allow my chemotherapy to be administered directly without additional I.V.'s. From there I head to my doctor's office for my first dose. Waiting for me there will be photojournalist Ed Reilly or our Chief Photographer Scott McDowell. We've decided to shoot that experience so everyone will know what it's like. So many people have been through this already, and unfortunately, many more will come after me. But it is an important part of treatment that prevents cancer from coming back. It is so heartwarming to hear from 10, 20 and 30 year survivors! I've kept all your cards and keep them in a special place!
So after chemo, I should be back on the sofa at AM Buffalo on Monday, April 18th. Thank goodness for Jon Summers who so ably fills in AND is out everyday shooting all the stories that appear on the show.
Wish me luck blogging from France..sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't ! Au revoir!
What do we do with the Bills?? Is it possible they look even more confused on the field every week? Poz came back-big deal. No spark for the team. I actually like Ryan Fitzpatrick and felt so sorry for him out there with no protection. The Bills should have seen Rex Reed smirking and smiling the whole game. You think that would have stopped their rediculous celebrating when the score is like 38-7. They just don't look ready on Sunday. What the heck do they do all week to prepare? I actually went out shopping for the first half just to get away from it. What do you think? ..And I love how candid author and beat writer Sal Maiorana is. He's our guest on Monday's after a Bills home game...If anyone has any constructive ideas..please let me (and 1 Bills Drive) know! Thanks for letting me vent....Linda P.
If my hair looks windblown lately, it's because I'm incredibly overwhelmed by everyone's kindness and concern. My mail today rivaled Mr. Food's..and that's not easy to do! I have received well wishes from my colleagues across town in TV, Radio and everywhere! I have heard from past co-workers like Judge Penny Wolfgang, Susan Makai and even Bishop Kmiec is saying a special mass for me !! I think that's worth double now during Lent!
I'm responding as fast as possible to all my e-mails and everything sent by children will be cherished forever! I didn't think you could feel this good and still be ill!
But I am the most overwhelmed by the good news I received by Windsong Radiology yesterday. Their patient coordinator called me personally to tell me that their phones have been ringing off the hook with ladies looking for the next mammo appointment! She says they are positively jamming over there and have been since Monday. You girls rock! But I already knew that! xxxme
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